Every woman is a mother, irrespective of having biological/adopted children or not, she deserve the title "Worthy Mama"! Welcome to this motivating and inspiring blog for all proud,gorgeous,fulfilled mothers and women as a phenomenal gender!
worthymama is a blog and a forum that focuses on motherhood and women generally. The issues raised here are on Parenting especially in Africa, Child Care, Reproductive Health and other women health issues,Marriage and Home making,Natural Lifestyle,Fashion,Spirituality etc Both women and men are free to post their comments and questions. You are Welcome and be inspired! 


About the blog Author
Ene Faith, M.Sc, B.Sc mass communication, is an advocate for healthy living in the world of  21st century mothers. She is a Broadcast Journalist and Freelance Writer who also has talents in poetry,fashion designing,arts&crafts etc She aspires to be a successful TV Talk show host, most of all enjoys being a wife and a mother to her two sons.She and her team of co-author professional women are using this blog as a platform for empowering women with vital life information on the female gender,the world over especially in Africa.She enjoins you to follow her on this page and on:

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 Evelyn Odachi Ocholi (Google Plus)
 Evelyn Ocholi Aka Evodah,is a Creative/ecclectic Singer/SongWriter, Model with a heart to inspire. You can connect with her on her blog Evodah's Blog


Gloria Onuh (Google Plus)
is a graduate of general and applied Psychology. A multi-talented young lady with Interests in: photography, arts and crafts especially dance exercises and graphics, home fragrances and marketing executive/financial adviser with a leading Insurance company in Nigeria. You can contact her through the contact form.

Vera Atsor is a graduate of English Language and the CEO/stylist of Posh Boutique, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. You can connect with her on Posh on facebook and also send her a mail on poshboutique@gmail.com or atsorvera@gmail.com.

Julian Obasi is a graduate of English Language Education.She is a broadcast Journalist and enjoys the company of children alot.She is married and you can reach her on google plus.