Thursday, May 25, 2017

Nigeria's Economic Recession Declared Over:Join the Prosperity Wagon with just 6,500 naira!

Tori will always baje in our beloved country Naija! Food items now take the bulk of the family income in every home due to the continuous increase in the prices of food! This scenario as painted by some traders in the market stems from what I hear them say "ha madam Garri wey be poor man savior now no even fit save am again becos e don tie wrapper con wear aso ebi blouse"! oh each week the prices keep rising and only God knows when things will regress back for good!
For me, I do not rely on my previous budget when I am going for household shopping each new month because there is always a surprise awaiting me so I usually budget extra to cushion any surprise element awaiting me! so it happened one day that a secondary school mate of mine, Joy buzzed me after almost 15 years when we last saw or even spoke! she sounded excited when we spoke and after the usual pleasantries, she dropped the best news ever!

This good news is what I want to share with you in this post! I have titled it "operation say no to hunger" because indeed Happy World Meal Gate has come to eradicate hunger in current Naija! This is network marketing in style, most persons usually get turned-off when they hear network marketing due to bad experience. Do you know that the richest people in the world all had to do network marketing to reach their financial freedom? ask Donald Trump, ask Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic! Multi-level marketing as it is officially called if well understood is not a scam and not a get rich-quick scheme,it needs patience and dedication of which most persons lacked and usually term network marketing as scam!

 Happy World Meal Gate is a multi-level marketing business with an easy to achieve matrix where you register and invite six persons who will do same and your network begin to expand and how much is it you may ask,it is just a token of 6,400 naira (six thousand, four hundred naira) This is awesome as with 6,400 naira your financial destiny will change for good. At registration you immediately start receiving incentives as a welcome pack as seen in the photo below:

This is just the beginning you aint seen nor read nothing yet,here are more of what you stand to gain through this picture story below:

Here are brief info About compensation plans and benefits in happy world meal gate networking business.
*At the point of registering with N6,400, you will receive a welcome package of Milo and tin tomatoes OR milk and maggi* it varies depending on what the company has available at the moment.
*Farm stage,u need 6 people directly under u *On completing this stage, you will receive a total of bonus $54.4=10,880*
*This bonuses are paid as food items only until you finish stage2*
You then move to the next stage
*Stage (1)Green Garden* you need 14 people in farm stage to be under u in stage 1, the 14 people are made of your direct and indirect downlines.
7 people by ur right, 7 people by ur left.anyone from farm stage that meet u in stage 1 *Green Garden* you get a total bonus of $384=76,000 on completing the stage.
*The bonus in this stage are in food items with the concept of FEED YOURSELF AND FEED OTHERS*
You then move to the next stage.
*Stage( 2 )Golden Garden*, you need 14 people to meet you in this stage also...
*you get free food items Worth $150=30,000 for 7 months*
When you complete the stage(meaning when all 14 people meets you in this stage) you get a total bonus of $920=184,000
*40% of the bonus as food items =73,000*🍱
*60% of it as cash $552=N110,400*
You then move to the next stage.
*Stage (3) Great Garden*
*Same thing keeps applying You need 14 people to Always meet you in the stage you are to you to move to the next stage*
*Note this are not new people you bring, they are the people who completed their stage the same way you completed your own*
*On completing the stage you will receive a total bonus of $4,200=N840,000*
*40% of the the bonus as food items*
*60% as cash $2,520=N504,000* apart from the above you will also go on *free trip to Saudi Arabia, umrah, Isreal or Dubai, the trip inclusive of $5,000 traveling allowance, with a brand new car worth $22,000=N4,400,000 will be yours.*
You then move to the next stage.
*Stage (4) Famous Farm*
*You qualify for free food items Worth $250=N50,000 for 12 months*
On completing the stage, you will receive a total bonus of $7,240=N1,448,000.
*40% of it as food items $2,892=N579,200*
*60% as cash $4,344=N868,800.*
*You also get a brand new jeep worth $30,000=N6,000,000*
You then move to the last stage.
*Stage (5) Food Bank*
This is the final stage, *infinity earning of $6,000=N1,200,000* From every of your team member that join you.
Bonus here is also 40% food items and 60% cash.
No authorship
No selling No buying
No disturbance
No renewer
No suffering
No monthly target
No termination of membership
No Hawking
No failure
No monthly PV.
No rushing No slow
To partner with us @ HappyWorldMealGate do one time donation of #6,400 ($32) *6510 (110 is bank charges*
to register for 1 accounts, or #19,200 for 3 accounts or # 44,800 for 7 accounts or #96,000 for 15 accounts or more .
multiple accounts gives you multiple earning of money, foods in multiple ways, cars, international trips,
E.t.c .
Don't wait for perfect condition oo, start now ooo.
If you are not informed, you will be deformed.
*If not now when is the best time?*

Get more details on Happy World Meal Gate   Join our facebook community on HWMGTeamWFP email us on, whatsapp 07051435258. No sidon look o! Time is of the essence. with 6,400 naira only,build your food warehouse and help someone in need too! You can also register a person in great need and teach them how to fish and be self sufficient!

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