Tuesday, September 13, 2016

worthymama's Tate a Tate for Smarter Kids

While teaching in a prestigious secondary and tertiary institution where children with buoyant parents attend (ofcourse the school fees is over the roof top in commiseration with the quality of education rendered there), I noticed a pattern and an attitude from both the parents and their children that triggered this write up!what was is I noticed about them?The majority of the kids were averagely intelligent academically but smarter in vain knowledge typical of their age or generation such as the latest movie series,celebrity gossip,trending video games,fashion, etc and most importantly they ranked low on issues of morals and virtues like courtesy!
I also observed from the body language of most of these parents that they were always eager to drop their kids off at the boarding house and return to their most seeming "too busy" schedules to meet with the demands of their exorbitant lifestyles!ha did I mention that some of these parents were snubs and looked down on the teachers as paupers with their children exhibit same. I believe such students inability to focus on their academics, stems from their parents lack of interest in that aspect of their lives!They leave it all for the teacher,hey hey,teacher the nanny, the moral and academic educator,just one person is expected attend to such needs of over 50 kids but how can this be?

I could clearly see that bossy attitude of most of the parents of "what am I paying school fees for,let the teacher handle everything" or "Where is the time to go through these children's school work, let the help do that on my behalf" the help you say?which moral right does the help has to be a role model for kids that arent hers or his?please, what level of education does this help have that you grant him or her the authority to approve your child's homework?Do not be fooled,a man reaps what he sows,go on and sow the seeds of "I am usually too tired when I get back from work, I do not need to check the kids school work"hmn,worthymamas,show me kids who top the academic roll call in their schools and I will show you the angels behind their success!their Mummies!Yes I say their mothers because it is only a worthymama that has the inclination to be patient with the learning process of her child, although some worthypapas do spend time teaching their kids,the mamas still carry the vote!(laughs)

It is not by casting and binding the spirit of dullness in your child,the magic behind an academically intelligent child is NO MAGIC but your extra effort in teaching your kid yourself! even if it is once a week, do not leave it all up to the school teacher. Your kids rely on you most! spend time teaching your children atleast twice a week especially weekends or revise their daily school work and you will be totally proud and fulfilled when you cheer them on their prize giving day!

I understand the situation could be dicey as children take the academic input of their parents for granted compared to their school teachers, consistency is the key!be firm in your decision such as punishments for disobedience and time slot for studying if your schedule tally in like manner. Dont be too tired for your child's progress as sacrificing our pleasures for our children is inert, though you might be mentally overwhelmed with handling academic schedules with your child,please for whatever reason, do not push your child away when he or she comes to you for your input in their school work. You can diplomatically appeal to the child or if possible ask their dad to handle it but dont turn them down often!

One of the major issues we mothers are guilty of indulging, is criticizing our children more rather than encouraging them!children withdraw from their parent when they are constantly rebuked and that decreases their faith in our ability to guide them hence they prefer confiding in their teachers even in issues other than their academics, so lets watch it!encouragement with words and deeds puts the child at ease and that  makes them give you their full attention.Please ensure you give them the right answer to their questions even though it might not be immediate as what you tell them makes a   permanent impression!

Please observe these when studying with your kids at home:

  • choose a specific or a most suitable time for study such that times like bed time or dinner time are not compromised.
  • map out the number of hours to be used.
  • take breaks in between as children's attention are volatile.
  • ensure your child sits on a comfortable chair and uses the right height of table.
  • arrange all writing/learning materials before you begin,you can delegate your child to do so as this will reduce unnecessary movement and distractions.
  • make sure the television is not switched on likewise any other form of unnecessary noise/distraction in the environment.
  • do not be quick to use force while studying such as threat.
  • use illustrations they are comfortable and familiar with for easy assimilation.
wheew,do you know of any other issues I have left out that you think its worth sharing?do drop your comment in the comment box below and dont forget to share this article with others!have a great week ahead as our children resumes and settles for the start of this academic year.

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