Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Financial Freedom Atlast!Helping Hands International Rocks!

Are you the kind of person who despite having little income always yearns to reach out to others? The above picture is not meant to coax you to part with a "MEAGER" sum of money or  trade by barter scheme. What I'm about to reveal to you may not be strange to you but will definitely "BLOW YOUR MIND"!.......wait for it, wait for it......wait..........

When a friend first posted some of these photos on facebook, I was quick to doubt the authenticity of this MIND BLOWING networking organisation because I had enrolled in such but could not follow through.This was not because I didnt have the zeal to see it "WORK" for me but the a bit boring criteria of selling products!We all know how awkward it can be, trying to convince people to buy products (especially those food supplements companies promising enticing freebies through their networking business that stormed Nigeria in the late 90's) they dont have the slightest idea of its benefit, then you have to start from scratch to explain the benefit!oh and at the end of the long talk, they tell you "hmn I will think about it" or "the products are exorbitant, its just a supplement and I dont need it" blablabla blabla
Well, enough of  past setbacks,okey dokey,now folks this one is something TOTALLY different from all the networking programmes/business you have ever come across because, first you dont have to sell any "pricey" product and registration is just  $40 dollars (6,600).Although it is a non-refundable fee, it is seen as a charity donation!how about that?its a way you can contribute to the welfare of the less privilege in the society.By the way did I mention that Helping Hands International is a philanthropic organisation?awwh! so cute right?so you see you will not only be doing "clean"buisness but be a philanthropist!So do you want to know more? on.

Hope your spirit is welling up for this great news as you take a look at the photos of this post to see evidence of this great NGO. Now here is all you need to know about HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL, also called H2I in simple terms

*Co Founded by An American Dentist Policarp

*NO PRODUCTS are Sold Here Neither  are You on TARGET.

*H2I So far has Given out about 98 Brand New Hyandai Elantra Car Award to Its members who successfully completes Stage 3.
*Laptop or I Pad Award is Received by those who completes stage 2 on Daily Bases all Around our seminar Centres.
*H2I offers five services
*Humanitarian services
*Assets and property support
*Financial support services
*Trade and skills acquisition
* Scholarship awards
        HOW IT WORKS?
* You become a member with $40 or N6,600. You are expected to get two people to join behind you as your down liners. They are also expected to do same and the trend continues.
* You can sign up as many as you can. You earn $8 referral bonus on every sign up.
* There are six stages. If you join and have six people join under you directly or indirectly, you move to stage two, a $10 matrix bonus will be given to You
* In stage two, a total of 62 people will move from stage one to meet you in stage two and you will earn a total of $1000, a CUG SIM CARD from GLO and A HP PAVILION LAPTOP or APPLE I PAD
 *Then you move to stage three where you  have a total $3000 to earn,  a TRIP TO DUBAI for one week plus a BRAND NEW HYUNDAI ELANTRA CAR
 *Again in stage three,  you can nominate two non members for skills acquisition after which they are given $1000 each
**************************** Then stage FOUR you earn a total of $6000,
* An Empowerment for a motherless home,
* At Stage FIVE you earn a total of $12000,
* A HOUSE in any city of your choice,
* You chose two Orphange home for H2I Sponsor them plus many other incentives
* At Stage SIX you become a TRUSTEE member and it's for life. Your  account here can be willed to your next of kin.
It's a new DAWN in NETWORKING as we Give others a HELPING HAND. Join us TODAY for a GREAT EXPERIENCE.
You can click this link below and expand your knowledge on this amazing changing life NGO

Above all, dont forget to holla , chat on whatsapp with me on 07051435258 ,BBM 2BCED728. I know you will definately contact me because you must have a sponsor to register and that is MOI!So looking forward to do buisness with you and change each others life!GOODLUCK!

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