Saturday, January 23, 2016

Your Life or Your Money?

What an odd title for a post you might say for "Your Life or Your Money?" Most persons might be familiar with such a question which usually is attributed to the kind of question in a robbery or threatening situation.

However, in this video, it is a question about your health and your wealth. After viewing this video and you are still the type of person that makes remarks like "buying of fresh fruits is too expensive", then you are indeed willing your money to be spent on diseases that you could have prevented! Come on, this video should excite you because it has presented health facts to you in a less stressful way of consuming information through the colorful pictures and short text to accompany it as shown in the video!
Oh thank God for the natural availability of almost all the fruits shown in this video in my country Nigeria and many more! I employ you to have a change of heart today and surrender both your life and your money to the exceedingly importance of fruits to your lifestyle and thank me for posting this video now!Have a lovely weekend.Please dont forget to share this and post your comment.

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