Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Meditation:What do YOU See?by Evodah

What do you see when you look at the person in the mirror? Is it the reflection of a Victor or the vanquished, an ugly duckling or a beautiful swan in the figurative sense of speaking, are you self-confident or insecure, clever or clumsy, a prototype or a clone. It’s all in our minds and born from how we see ourselves, what we think of ourselves. 
 We sometimes doubt ourselves and find ourselves asking the mirror and other sources for validation, ergo the world famous question “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest of us all?” Your perception of yourself goes a long way to affect the outcome or quality of your life. The mental picture you paint of yourself transcends into how you carry yourself and present yourself to the world.
Your self – image is very important as it can make you or inhibit you. It can get you that can help you stand out for all the right reasons. It can launch you to great achievements and even bring you before royalty.  It can also make you live in fear, cry at night, loose sleep and live an unfulfilled life. I know there are some downer days or moments that just make you feel inadequate, yup!!! That’s life. Mama always said there’d be days like this where negativity washes over every part of you.
Different things contribute to the way we see ourselves: experiences growing up, our backgrounds, the kind of people we have around us, what people say about us, where we come from and so much more, should this blur our vision and destinies which is ultimately to become better, to be great? It is of necessity that we continue to build, work on and correct our self-image, it should be guarded diligently. Below are some pick me up tips for those days when it’s misty and cloudy with a chance of self doubt, if you get my drift.
Take time to reflect on and assess yourself; know thyself. We never stop learning about ourselves. We very often find out facts about ourselves that we were blind to from others which often are true. This gives us an insight on why we need to better understand ourselves to know where we are coming up short and what you need to do and work on.
-Learning some new habits for you;
Learn daily to love yourself; warts and all, at your worst and best. And keep working at becoming better
Learn to forgive yourself; you may have done something you are not proud of. You cannot continue to beat yourself over the won’t change the past. Forgive yourself and let go so your life move on.
Learn to appreciate your talents potential and gifts; you are you own cheer leader. Only you can give value to what you have, celebrate it
Learn to believe in yourself; there will be positive outcomes from your life, and you can achieve what you tell your self is possible. Go for it
Learn to tell yourself the truth; there is nothing worse than self-deception. If you know something isn’t good for you, do yourself some good and get rid of it. Nothing beats being honest with yourself.
-Work on yourself. Life is about constant improvement, read good books that address issues you want to work on. Go for conferences and seminar, also enroll for classes to build your mental muscle. Get information and understanding and then you can apply it.
Always remember that whatever people think or say about you is their own opinion. Talk is cheap and opinion is free. “Them no dey pay for am” and “bad belle is allowed”.
Looking good is feeling good, invest in your looks, you don’t need to use up all your earnings on things. There is a certain confidence you exude when you look good and you know it and want to show it.
Don’t let the way your feel about yourself at any point in time drive you to do something you will regret or cannot reverse. Remember you control your emotions they don’t control  you.
Be in charge of your thoughts; don’t let influences like; opinions, trends or what is hot on the media define you.  Watch what and who you let into your mind. You also need to meditate on good things. Richard Marcel I says ‘When you fail to be your own boss, You are giving somebody else the contract.”. Think about this.
-Create your world with your words. I speak things that are not as though they were and see them might not be immediate but it does happen. Words are powerful, nature and situations respond to our words. You can call forth change through prayer.
Understand that No one is good at everything. Play out your strengths and Find something that you can win at and do it often. This will boost your self-image and confidence. Seize opportunity to learn from people who do better than you. Do not feel intimidated
Understand that the world has only been given one ‘you’. You are unique and special born for a purpose .live out your purpose. Shine your light. Play your part
Surround yourself with people who believe in you, what better thing is there than to have people who constantly remind you of your worth and encourage you when you are at your worst and uplift (celebrate) you always.
Sometimes you need to slow down and catch yourself before you fall face down. A false image of self can be mistaken for a healthy one .we could somethings go overboard with the things we say or do and come off as rude, cocky, attention seeking and condescending. Do unto others as you will have them do unto you. Show love and respect to others. 
-Challenge yourself. It’s very easy to zone out of uncomfortable circumstances of situations (the short cut or easy way out) you have will power given to you by God, a power of choice. step out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to become better. Do or at least attempt those things that scare you or that you have put off for so long. Do Not Be Afraid.
-Look at yourself through new eyes. You are forged from the stuff Kings are made of, you just need to realize this and Live it up. You are filled with so much Potential you just need to harness it.everything you need to succeed is all in you. Seek it out. You have inestimable value. Invest it , multiply it, don’t put it in a hole, you have so much entrusted to you by God. And to whom much is given, much is expected. Always Remember You can only live up to your own expectations. Y.O.L.O so seize the day Expect the Best. Have a great Day and New Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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