Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Meditation:The Motherhood Analysis

"Mummy, Mummy, Mummy..who is like Mummy? When I want to eat, Mummy gives me food! When I want to bath, Mummy cares for me! Mummy here, Mummy there, Mummy is my Angel!" This was the children rhyme that kept ringing in my ear as I woke up from sleep this morning.Oh it is really Mummy here, Mummy there....angel Mummy is the most multi tasked employee in the world!
Now I want to crave your indulgence to join me in analyzing the words in the photograph above.There is this complex adage in my local dialect and the literary meaning is "a mother keeps dying over and over for her children" while the figurative meaning is "a mother's comfort is always tested by the needs and wants of her children" How about that! Being a mother, I'm talking about giving birth to your own offspring is a kind of JOB that the interview situation can never be adequately prepared for. Whether your pregnancy was wanted or unwanted, the choice is left only to the greatest employer, GOD! He is the only manufacturer that has never had a factory mistake likewise with his choice of manufacturing tools and that is YOU!.

Motherhood can make the weakest human being become the strongest and this is in every ramification.Check this; Physically if you are not strong, you cannot endure pregnancy for 9 months except in exceptional situations you cannot control such as miscarriage or premature delivery.Then after delivery, you must be strong enough to endure sleepless nights to wake up, feed your baby and this is after having a hectic day ensuring the baby was comfortable-rocking,washing baby's clothes, Oh not to talk of if you have other "babies"..hmn you have to ensure they also get your attention!

Ha, Mothers rock because emotionally and mentally, you must be strong to deal with postpartum syndrome or is it mental agitation after pregnancy I should call it? A mother is a big vessel that her children throw all sort of emotions her way and most times they do things with selfish intentions. A child may just want his or her favorite snack, the child would tell Mummy "My stomach hurts or I don't feel well but I will feel better when I take Ice-Cream"! what a manipulative tactics children throw at their mothers! Mummy who is "she who must be obey" is also expected be strong mentally and psychologically to be able to discern the true intention of her children.Oh I must not forget  to write that the most unique quality a mother has is her motherly Instinct which gives her guidance to protect and discern situations that involves her children.Come to think of it,I keep wondering why no matter the caution most mothers give their children, they still take mummy's property especially mobile phone and they stay away from dad's even when he does not caution them? I ask my children before punishing them, "am I your mother or your friend,that you refused to listen to my warning?" when they answer me "you are our mother" then I  go ahead and punish them and say to them "if I am your mother, then listen to my instructions"(laughs)

Hmn, I have not even mentioned the social and economic strength a mother requires to educate and inculcate morals into the life of her children. She is usually the first to be blamed when moral decadence is found in her children. This is because she is the first and most trusted companion, a child has.I'm sure you can reckon with the situation whereby a child performs excellently at school and the father takes the glory! When the case is the opposite, the mother is accused of being the one with a dull gene which was inherited by the child! Just look at the above a mother just a mum?

If a mother is a just a mum, how come this photograph above shows she has more questions to answer than Dad? This is what I just wrote about  in paragraph 1 and 2,Mummy here...Mummy there...Sheriff Mummy the problem solver! all these questions are for a lifetime even till adulthood, children throw these questions to her, this is more than JAMB question, right?*wink*Don't get me wrong on this post, we mothers are not complaining, we are just showing off the unbeatable strength bestowed on us when we agreed or did not agree with God to take up this job of Motherhood!Oh I can see a mother smiling as she understands and appreciate that she is the most blessed among women because experiencing motherhood is just like overcoming the phobia of "I don't think I can do this"Motherhood is a life experience that if care is not taken can make you ignore the law!Please,still choose to be an obedient citizen, especially as mothers are the ones who are the best mediator and negotiator in tensed family situations.What I mean is that, being a mother gives you the strength to always be defensive when it comes to your children but that does not mean you should be bias and lose your sense of judgement.Stick with only the truth so that posterity can celebrate you as a complete woman and mother. Give your support to virtuous attributes of life such as honesty, integrity, humility etc.History have shown that children whose mothers always allowed them to have their way without setting boundaries, turned out to be extremely arrogant, malicious and temperamental. They blame any failure that may come their way on the same mother who thought she was being"nice" to them.Poor motherly upbringing puts the child in more vulnerable condition of becoming a hateful adult than poor fatherly upbringing. This is because a mother's affection will douse the hatred embedded in a child which was acquired from poor fatherly upbringing .

Ok,ok,ok, lets not diverge from the focus of this post;the strength of motherhood.There is so much a mother has to be, to give and to still stand up with her head high.If there is one thing after my salvation that I savor in appreciation is being a mother!Don't get it twisted,I love being a wife too but motherhood is my cherished attribute. The is how the name worthymama stemmed from; being  a proud woman and above all  a mother!God alone made me worthy to be a mother,oh I always look forward to rushing home from work to see the happy face of my children, running to hug me, shouting "Mummy" at the top of their lungs, chattering while narrating what happened in school or at home even before I enter the house. This joyful attitude wipes away the stress of the day.(all these joyful attitude is made possible because I'm a mama with swag*wink*)..I become at peace as soon as I see and hug them...oh Motherhood, raise a glass with me, be it a glass of water, zobo drink, all the gorgeous,blessed, favoured women and mothers.. big cheers and happy sunday.Be the first to share this post on facebook,twitter,whatsapp.BBM or any platform IF you appreciate your mother or appreciate being a mother yourself!Please hold on.., do you think motherhood should be declared an official occupation? what are you waiting for?start posting your comment and let the discussion begin with the hastag #MotherhoodIsAJob

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