Friday, September 4, 2015

Worthymama's Radio Show Debuts!

Right:Ene Faith (worthymama)with Guest:Ambassador Stella Eno
Woow, this blog is getting better by God's grace!here is another aspect of this blog you should also key into especially if you reside in South -South Nigeria!South-South because that is where our Radio Signal reaches for now but you can still try CanaanCity FM 99.5,Calabar every Sunday by 2:30pm!
I am so excited because I believe this would become a full blowned forum and possibly a TV show!*wink wink* hehehehee I hope you catch our positive vision, all you need to do is keep coming back to this blog for latest updates about the show incase you miss any episode.

Left-Right: Onyiye (producer) Guest and Worthmama
The Program-FEMININE MATTERS is a magazine program that centers on every women issues, all worthymamas should know about from home making tips to women health issues..oh,there is also our wisdom segment from our elders called Big Mama;s Hut!Fingers crossed, you cannot afford to miss this show as you will also hear my voice practising my cherished profession-Broadcasting!

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  1. Nice one there. This will help in growing your blog in the long run....

    1. Thank you Jide for your comment and help.I believe it will get better.

  2. wow!!!!! its been a long time coming, keep it up and keep blazing the trail.its just the beginning

  3. Thanks a lot Evelyn for your well wishes.This is indeed just the beginning!


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