Saturday, September 12, 2015

Little Tweedlers International:Truly an Inspiration to our Children!

Proud Members of Little Tweedlers International singing Praises to their creator

Jesus Christ said "let the little ones come to me, for such belong to the kingdom of God"(luke18:16) and this what it felt like to be part of the recent Little Tweedlers International first Educational Tour Children Seminar, 2015 in Calabar,Cross River state, Nigeria-a kingdom of knowledge proof children!

Cross Section of school pupils represented at the seminar

The event featured motivational talks on how to groom children early to be self-reliant by  looking forward to other life endeavors outside white-collar jobs.Agriculture was pointed out as a viable industry for entrepreneurship with a promise from a guest speaker, Doctor Emeka Okengwu,CEO Anthill Concept Limited,Abuja to groom and sponsor any child that shows interest in agriculture.

Dr. Emeka Okengwu,CEO, Anthill Concept Limited

Elizabeth Lana,President Little Tweedlers International

Ambassor Stella Eno coordinating prize giving session
There was also prize awarded to the children in attendance for their outstanding performances in their academics as well as those who attended the summer tour.

worthmama crew congratulates Littele Tweedlers International for a successful educational tour.

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