Monday, August 31, 2015

Ripe Plantain Porridge (kiddies foodie)

Ripe Plantain Porridge

Dear Gorgeous Worthymama, I hope you are preparing adequately for your kids return to school with shopping for school accessories like back packs, lunch boxes, shoes, socks etc Another thing you have to prepare for, is school menu and here is something simple that can serve as school lunch.
This Ripe Plantain Porridge is ideal for kids as it serves as another version of plantain recipe for kids especially, I hope you read my Plantain Balls, Sweet Potatoes Porridge and Akara made with Beans Powder which are also ideal for school lunch.

Now, lets cook this simple meal, I bet your kids will love and ask for more!


Serving for 4 kids
-5-6 medium to big Semi-Ripe Plantains.
-5-6 tablespoons of Palm Oil. 
-4-5 Fresh Scotch Bonnet Pepper (Atargu,Atarodo).
-1 and Half tablespoon of blended Crayfish.
-a Mackerel fish fresh or smoked (optional)
-2 cubes of seasoning.
-1-half teaspoon of Salt.
-1 medium size Onion bulb.
-half ball of Locust Beans (optional for kids)
-small bunch of Spinach or Dandelion Leaf (Scent Leaf) for garnishing.

Method of Preparation

* Peel, wash and slice plantains to desired sizes. Remove seeds from pepper, wash and set aside. Also, dice onions, then pound pepper and onions slightly and set aside. Wash thoroughly leaf and shred and also set aside. If you are using fish, parboil the fresh one with salt and seasoning,drain and set aside,keep the stock to use to cook the porridge.If using smoked fish ensure you remove all bones and likewise for the par boiled fresh Mackerel.

*Pour your desired quantity of water into a pot and set on fire.Pour plantain into water, add seasoning cubes, blended pepper and onions, crayfish and salt. You can add the de-boned fish at this point if you are using it. Cover the pot and allow to boil for 5 minutes, next add the palm oil and allow to boil for 10 more minutes, making it 15 minutes, then finally add the leaf,allow to simmer for 2 minutes, stir and put off the fire. Do not allow stock to dry up so your child can also scoop it like soup.

There you have your Ripe Plantain Porridge!Yummy, right? my kids can never have enough of this meal especially as they love scooping the stock as soup. Do let me know your kids reaction.Thank you.

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