Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Poem for Every Worthymama

The sensitivity of Motherhood,
The complexity of Motherhood,
Does it have a measuring unit?
Can it be quantified?

This encompassing title
Belonging only to the female gender,
Is a supernatural and biological privilege
Apportioned to both the prepared and unprepared heart.

This is the most exhilarating status
Embedded in the power of love
Which should become an official social occupation
Motherhood is the Siamese twin of love to any woman
Be it a Jezebel or a holy Mary.

Like the African proverb"The way
To a man's heart, is through his stomach(delicious meals)"
Likewise,"The way to any human's soul,is through
The love of "THEIR MOTHER",whether biological or adopted.

The communion between a mother and her child is magical!
We go to our mothers to be blessed and accept
Life better when she admonishes us.

This is the most liberating experience that
Conquers odds,comforts and coordinates the female existence.
Oh! what motherhood does to the functioning of the universe
Ah! what a fulfilling motivation for the future.

----------------ENE FAITH----------------

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