Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Brand Name Dilemma

As I held the remote control of my television with excitement and noticed I had stumbled on a channel showing an advertisement of a blender,my only thoughts were "IT MUST BE MINE!oh,the aesthetics of the blender was irresistible,the colour, etc I quickly spoke aloud "I really need this kind of blender to spice up my kitchen life"
Then my analytic hubby said"  Baby,do not be in a haste to buy such a blender,expensive and beautiful does not mean efficient".I ignored his analysis  and kept thinking about when I will buy that gorgeous blender!Some weeks passed and behold one day, hubby returned from an outing with a new blender with a brand name I had never seen before!My first thoughts were,"it will soon pack up"My negative perception of my brand new blender became worse when I inquired about the price as it was barely up to 5 thousand naira i.e almost 20 pounds.I finally hissed "Oh crap,so cheap,not durable.

Several months have passed since I started using my so called "kpako" (cheap) blender and you need to see how efficient she works!hehehehe,who would have thought that this "not popular" brand name of a blender would last for long.There she is in the photograph above!

Well,this post is not a product review of a particular brand but a discussion of a common dilemma I and other women face when it comes to purchasing branded home appliances such as various kitchen gadgets like a blender.I have observed that we women will always go for a product that fits our budget and at the same time meets our durability standard so I posed the brand dilemma question to some women (15) around me when it comes to buying and using a blender.

They all agreed unanimously that home appliances with popular brand names/expensive did develop mechanical faults in the shortest time of their purchase and usage.They also passed their vote of confidence on the cheaper ones (especially blenders) as durable and efficient.So I can now confidently agree with my hubby that "expensive and popular does not always mean efficient nor durable"Oh my "Kpako" blender,forgive me for looking down on you and Its good you are not human else, if you had read this post, you would pack up and leave me stranded!(laughs)

In Nigeria,electrical appliance merchants have the habit on playing on our intelligence when it comes to pricing and quality.A typical Naija trader will always present you with two choices by saying "this one na China and the other one na UK so the price no be the same" or "this one na original and this one na Aba" They enjoy fanning our confusion and bias for certain product's place of production in order to succeed in making us buy these goods at an exorbitant price.

The basic rule of buying an electrical appliance is to first check for the recommended watt usage because this is a determining factor when it comes to efficiency and durability.Most of the expensive electrical appliances we buy for use in Naija,have a watt usage that does not tally with our public power supply and the constant voltage fluctuations causes damages also.Although I am not discouraging anyone from buying expensive gadgets,this is just for guidance and to prompt further interactive which should lead to you to take a stand when you find yourself in the brand dilemma!

Gorgeous mamas,can you share your experience on your dilemma when purchasing home appliances?Start posting your comments and let the discussion begin!

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