Saturday, May 23, 2015

Look Who is Talking?
Wonders they say will never end!I came to pick my kids from school and on our way out,we stopped by the head teacher's office,a friend. She struck a conversation with my youngest son,3 year old,Ed then she looked at me in admiration and said,"oh what a TREASURE you have for a son!"before I could respond,Ed quickly said,"I am not a TREASURE,treasures are for pirates!OMG,Jake and the Neverland Pirates(his favorite cartoon show)

I did not know how to react at first because he caught me off guard,then unanimously,I and my friend busted into laughter!my son just looked at us calmly and said politely,"Excuse Me please"and walked out of the room.Another disbelieve hit me and we started laughing again!

Again,at a one year old baby's birthday party,the moderator announced that all the kids should come to the center stage and dance.I noticed that it was only my 6 year old son that joined the other kids to dance.Ed,the 3 year old did not get up at all, then I walked up to him to inquire the reason he did not respond to the moderator's request.He gesticulated with his hands and said,"Mum,please hold on,let the kids dance first!"I was speechless and started laughing!I did not insist because it was strange and funny!

Look who is talking?children can say the unexpected from whacky to scary and sometimes very funny!oh,their world of innocence.So I want to throw this to you;WHAT IS THE STRANGEST,FUNNY OR SCARY THING YOUR CHILD,EVEN SOMEONE ELSE'S HAS EVER SAID?

Sharing your experience would really be worthwhile to read this weekend.First look at how this baby above is winking?Thank you!


  1. Seriously nowadays kids re amazing with their response to certain things. I remember Mateo my 6yrs old nephew saying " mum, that was close" wen she almost knocked down a pedestrian who wasn't aware of ha car coming

    1. Thank you Gloria for your comment.That was so cute and funny of your nephew!Do share this post with others to see their response.

  2. "mum, that was close" my nephew said to his mum wen she almost knocked a pedestrian


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