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Tips on Choosing a School for your Child (Part 2)

Children"s learning ability is stimulated in a colourful environment

Welcome to the second and concluding part of my article on how to choose a school for your child.I hope the first part which included some Tips on School Selection gave you a guide on what to watch out for.Now read on to get the rest of the tips when selecting a school for your child.

  • Space: As a parent the importance of space for your child cannot be over emphasized. The ideal school for your child should have space for playing and other recreational activities. Proper ventilation of the classrooms aids alertness to lessons so ensure that your child’s school environment is conducive for learning. The availability of not just toilet but clean toilet as well as constant water supply is a factor no parent should take for granted. Hygienic toilet practices can only be achieved when there is constant supply of water and this guarantees a healthy environment for your child to an extent. 
  • Overcrowded classrooms:  an Overcrowded classroom is the number one aiding factors for the fast spread of infections among school children. Most elementary school age children are usually seen with symptoms of infections such as running nose, boils etc and their parents usually are confused on why their kids easily take ill especially during school days. Do not be carried away by the number of pupils in a school but check to know how many pupils are in a classroom and how ventilated or spacious it is. Besides, an overcrowded classroom makes your child prone to being neglected as the teacher may lack the capacity to cater to individual pupil’s needs. 
  • Phonics/phonetics: Phonics is a method of teaching elementary reading based on the phonetic interpretation of normal spelling while phonetics as a related word to phonics is the study of the physical sounds of human speech. You can do further reading from online materials or linguistics materials. Your choice of school for your child should be based on the inclusion of phonics in the curriculum. This is the basic foundation your child needs to have a meaningful educational background hence do not allow your child miss out on this necessary foundation. Usually Montessori Method of education includes phonics/phonetics in its curriculum a lot and this is a British method of elementary education of which its benefits cannot be overemphasized. With adequate phonetics input for your child, you can be rest assured your child will be fast in speaking and reading correctly! 
  • Caliber of teachers and adequacy to cover subjects: This is an aspect of research you may not get enough information from your intending choice of school. Most school administrators may not be honest with information on the educational background and adequacy of their teachers. Like I mentioned earlier, you can get such information with discretion. Teachers with strong educational background can be detected from their speech hence you can interact with the teachers in question to get an idea of the kind of speech pattern they will pass onto your child. You can also ask how the subjects are taught to understand if the school has adequate number of teachers for the subjects. Inadequate teachers mean stress for the teachers and this can be translated to negligence for your child. 
  • Experience of administrator: The educational and experience of the school’s administrator is a deciding factor that will hint you on the quality of education being rendered. You can find out such information with discretion by asking politely. Some school proprietors function also as administrator depending on their experience and some proprietors hire an administrator to run their school. It may not matter to some parents the experience of the intending school administrator but the philosophy behind the setting up of a school is very important. There are some schools that are set up on the premise of profit making as against meeting the educational standard needed in a community. In my opinion, the passion/philosophy of the proprietor and administrator should be important to an intending parent as this will hint the parent if they will get good value for the educational investment for their child. 
  • Learning aid quality: When carrying out a research on a school for your child, you can ask for the type of learning aids used such as the text books, charts, excursion trips etc. you can go through the books to see the contents but do not do so extensively as this might rub off as annoying to the administrator. No matter how knowledgeable you are about school curriculum, allow the administrator or whoever is attending to you, do most of the explaining. You can take a tour through the classes to understand any other deciding factor on your list. 
  • Encourages freedom of religion: The role of religion in the life of a child is very crucial in their general upbringing. Find out if the school allows freedom of religion or if you accept their religious practices in such environment. It is best you enroll your child in a school that their religious practices tallies with your faith so that your child can also learn more about his/her faith and likewise encourage good moral training.
So dear curious parent, the above tips are neither a final authority nor a rigid opinion on how to select a school for your child. Just use your discretion and pray to God to guide your choice as he alone sees the future! Best wishes as you invest in your child’s future.

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