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The Wonders of Weight Loss (Part 2)

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THE MORE BAGGAGE YOUR BODY CARRIES, THE SHORTER YOUR LIFE’S JOURNEY!this statement is the best caption for the the above photo,do you agree with us?Our dear dedicated readers,by now you have gained insight to some of the issues that must be dealt with, in order to achieve and maintain your weight loss goal.If you do not know what we are talking about then you have to read The Wonders of Weight Loss (Part 1) to get a grasp of this post!
Like in my previous post on weight loss,the short and long of achieving the weight loss you desire is a gradual process that becomes part of you as long as you understand the wonderful benefits of a healthy lifestyle such as healthy eating and adequate exercise.

Your daily routine should score above 5 of the following tips:
  • As you rise up in the morning every day, on an empty stomach, take an antioxidant such as water which is cheapest (take at least 8 glasses of water a day, it is expected that bowel movement should be easy when water is highly consumed which flushes the entire body of toxins)and antioxidant teas like Green tea (no sugar, no cream except honey or lemon/lime if you cannot stand the bitter taste), aloe vera drinks etc. antioxidants flushes out bad cholesterol and aids proper functioning of the liver and kidney. 
  • You undertake some form of exercise (before you take antioxidants so that you do not feel heavy when exercising) which should not be too strenuous. It should be according to your strength especially cardio like climbing stairs, skipping, kick boxing, jogging or consult a fitness expert on choice of exercise which accelerates weight loss. You can schedule it minimum 3 times a week depending on your space/time (if you are not sure if certain exercises will be suitable for your body, make sure you consult your doctor’s advice first) 
  • Ensure you do not skip breakfast (the most important meal of the day) unnecessarily and eat on time between 7am-9am. Fibers or whole grains (oat meal. Wheat bread, corn flakes, meals made from corn, millet, guinea corn) are best for breakfast as they are easily digested and energy booster hence, your body gets the nutrients needed to start the day. Avoid the habit of eating and watching television or the computer at the same time. Distractions from such will either make you not chew your meal properly or make you eat less to function. 
  • Brunch or in-between snack should be between 11am-12pm. Fruits such as banana, apple, pineapple, oranges etc or a fruit salad is best for brunch. Soda drinks, artificially flavored and sweetened drinks, pastries like cake, meat pie, burger etc should be cut down and out gradually. Workers with tight office schedule such as those working in banks should ensure they have fruits at hand to avoid the temptation of ordering for pastries often for brunch.  
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  • Lunch should be between 1pm-3pm. After 3pm your energy level reduces hence your lunch should be void of starchy meals as you do not have the energy to burn the starch, thus it gets stored up as fats. 
    *Dinner should before 8pm and should be light such as potatoes, agidi/vegetables leaves (vegetable leaves are cooked within 3 minutes, uncover the pot if you are to add it towards the end of your cooking and eat the one for garnishing your meals like cabbage, cucumber with the main meal. Fruits are eaten 30 minutes before or after meals and not with the main meal) avoid eating in the midnight at all cost! 
  • You can take 1 table spoon of pure honey mixed with the juice of half lemon in warm water, also first thing in the morning as an antioxidant and interchange the days with honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts boiled in water, taken morning and night on empty stomach. It does not allow any fat you have taken in your meal unintentionally, gets stored up (moderation is appropriate in consuming protein as it contributes to the good fats or cholesterol our body needs especially women in child bearing stage) adults need only skimmed milk i.e. take low or no cholesterol milk (avoid full cream milk) which is still rich in calcium for the bones likewise low cholesterol in butter or margarine. Do a little of fried foods and consume foods rich in Omega-3,6 and 9 such as Tuna fish, fish oil or products, olive oil or cholesterol free oils should be used for frying (you will not get all the details here on the role/benefit of each food you require to lose weight, hence, you can consult a nutritionist or other materials). 
  • Taking siesta can contribute to achieving weight loss because it relaxes the brain which lessens anxiety that triggers sudden weight gain.
  •  Take your weight at the end of each week and do not be too eager for results, just make the above routine become your lifestyle else you will surely gain back more weight than you have lost. If you can afford it, go shopping for the clothes you have always wished to fit it and keep admiring it every day to motivate you. Whatever is your motivation to achieve this lifetime goal, just focus on it as you eat, exercise, relax etc.
Be mindful of advertisements on short cut weight loss programs or products because you are what you eat, THE MORE BAGGAGE YOUR BODY CARRIES, THE SHORTER YOUR LIFE’S JOURNEY! You must first have answers to the 3 steps highlighted earlier in the part 1 of this post to begin; as this is the only way to tackle the root of your over weight else following these tips will be futile! If you follow these tips whole heartedly and you do not lose weight at all, then it is either you are not determined or cutting corners, if not, seek a second opinion! Remember, the only person that can stop you is YOU!

Please, note that the above tips are not rigid or a final authority on weight loss. For in-depth information on weight loss, with guided step from knowledge to daily charting and counseling send an email through the contact form. Best wishes!


  1. Nice. I scored bout two out of all. thanks for d tips i'll work on others. very inspiring blog.

    1. You are welcome,anonymous (wish I knew your name)you can email me through my contact form and sign up for updates so I can send you the guide\chart as a follow up of this weight loss program. Best wishes.


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