Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Photocopy Syndrome

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We Nigerians have a habit of using words repeatedly especially when we speak our unique language known as "Pidgin Language".It is very interesting with such words like " copy copy","magu magu"(meaning fraud),"talk talk","chop chop" "follow follow" etc but why am I talking about pidgin language?The use of "copy copy" in this post will be permitted!
I was conducting our family morning devotion, and the topic for the children edition of the devotional manual was centered on accepting and being oneself.The author encouraged children  be be original and not be a photocopy which shows one appreciates the personality God has given them.It was not a simple topic to explain to my kids but I did use their everyday endeavors as illustration.
Few hours later,after I had bath my boys and was dressing them, the youngest one requested I wear him the same colour and style of his elder brother's clothing.His brother quickly responded and said "stop being a photocopy,wear any cloth you are given"!Then the inspiration to write this post came,although he was right to an extent but he was only expressing  his understanding of the morning devotion topic from a  childish  perspective!
So what is this Photocopy Syndrome?It is a malady that is curable but difficult to erase from one's mentality!Someone who has this syndrome has a speech pattern such as "oh I am short in height,I wish I was tall then I would be happy"!"why cant my spouse be like that of my friend's""God you no try for me at all" etc Most times the information source is the mainstream media especially the television and the biggest culprit "Social Media" As it is said "all that glitters is not gold"
God does not make mistake so what are you freaking out about?you want to be like someone else?Have you not read his words in Psalms 139:14"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;your works are wonderful, I know that full well"So if you know that FULL well and  not HALF well why doubt the perfection of his creation?God's creativity is what no man can fathom even if you become Charles Darwin now!
Forget about the fictitious lifestyle or mind set of your so-called idols! Admire,respect and learn from other people but be YOURSELF!accept what you cannot change and change what you can.In essence,you cannot change your inner being even if you alter your outer being.God made you according to the role  you are to play on life's stage hence everyone in the play cannot  be the prince or princess of good looks or charisma.It is up to you to decide to play your part as a heroine/hero or as a vilian.A vilian in life always goes after what others have,instead of accepting and grooming what he has!what a wasted life.......................... continued Here

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