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Nigerian Cheese Jollof Rice with Goat Meat

Tasty Cheese Jollof Rice with Goat Meat
Beautiful Folks,I just got this recipe from one of worthymama's co-authors,Matilda Abah,CEO,Mattie's place,Porthacourt,Nigeria and I could not wait to post it. This is something you should try this weekend. This is Jollof Rice with a more appetizing and unique taste from any other Jollof rice you must have eaten.

Okey Dokey,lets dig in to follow the step by step preparation.The most unique ingredients in this meal is CHEESE!You might shout with doubt"cheese in Naija?"well,well,yes cheese in Naija is what the yorubas call Wara and it is readily available in most local market.It is a soft,white product made from unpasteurized and non-fermented whole cow milk.It is commonly sold by Fulanis and Yorubas in Nigeria.

Here are the ingredients for this sumptuous meal of which can be your Sunday Sunday rice!This serving is for 4 adults.

  • 4 milk tin cups of rice.  
  • 1/2  kilogram to 1 kilogram of Goat meat. 
    2 tablespoon of Cheese (about 25g) 
  • 1 canned tomatoes puree small tin.  
  • A handful of fresh chilli bonnet (atarugu,atarodo pepper)  
  • 1 medium sized onions.  
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Ginger. 2 cloves of garlic.  
  • 1 teaspoon of salt. 3 seasoning cubes. 
  • 1 large green bell pepper. water.  
The above measurement of ingredients can be adjusted according to your desire.You can fry crayfish in the cheese.

*Cut and wash the goat meat,steam it with diced onions, 1 cube of seasoning and later salt when boiling finally.
 *Meanwhile, wash and par boil the rice but it should not be soft much.wash quickly and drain,then set aside.
*Clean and blend the ginger, and garlic.Also,keep the remaining diced onions you used to boil the meat.wash and dice the green pepper and set aside.Next open the canned tomatoes, scoop it into a plate and add 2 or 3 tablespoon of water to lessen the thickness a little.Remove the seeds of the fresh pepper,blend or pound it,then mix it with the tomatoes.
*The goat meat should have cooked soft by the time you are through with the preparation of the condiments.Now,set your pot on fire,next pour the cheese into the pot,allow it to heat up,then add the onions and let it fry for some minutes.It is now time to add the ginger and garlic to fry in the cheese.By now you will perceive the nice aroma of the cheese.
*When the onions,ginger and garlic is well fried,add your tomatoes pepper puree and stir can add the second seasoning cube,keep stir to avoid it getting burnt!
*Next,pour the meat and the stock,stir well and add the last seasoning cube and salt to strike a balance of salt from the meat stock.Allow  the entire stock to begin to boil,then pour the par boiled rice and mix together.Cover the pot and allow it to cook for a while before you add the green pepper towards the end  of the cooking to retain its green colour.
*There you have your cheese jollof rice with goat meat.

What do you think about this unique version of jollof rice?my Naija worthymamas, keep your comments coming.Have a fulfilled weekend.


  1. Great tummy still dreaming of it

  2. Really Gloria?Awwh that's cute of you so don't forget to share this recipe with others.Thanks


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