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I'm Pregnant (Part 2)

Pregnancy discomfort can be handled

 Welcome to the 2nd part of our pregnancy made easy series.We do hope you enjoyed the first part, I'm Pregnant (Part 1) and it opened your eyes/mind to understand how to enjoy your pregnancy especially as a first time mother.So lets continue to give you information just like chatting with a friend...
Here are other body discomforts you might experience: 
  • Frequent urination especially at night of which your sleep is greatly distorted. You will find yourself sleeping more during the day but try to be active else you will gain excessive weight. The frequency of urination will increase at the last weeks prior to delivery due to the baby’s descending status. The pressure from your baby’s position places a demand on your bladder. 
  • Lying on your side or on your back most of the time could be a challenge at first. The side position is most advisable. You will crave to lie face down but it will be uncomfortable for you and your baby. 
  • Your baby starts moving as from 18 weeks which may feel like a flush of gas at first, then active kicks especially at nights. Babies are usually active at nights more than during the day but do not let that bother your sleep. 
  • Break out of acne and sometimes skin pigmentation known as pregnancy mask especially around the eyes. Most women with oily skin battle serious acne break out no matter their effort to control it. Avoid the use of harsh cosmetics which could contain harmful chemicals such as mercury found in complexion creams. Such chemicals could lead to physical deformity or mental retardation for your unborn child. Use cucumber as a facial cleanser and chew it a lot. You can also put a slice on each of your eyes while lying face up. This spar beauty therapy is very effect to tackle skin pigmentation.  Also lemon and sugar used as an exfoliator acts as a toner, exfoliator and acne control. The lemon tones the skin naturally to avoid pigmentation which could become permanent.  
  • Your complexion will either glow at the beginning and then darkens towards your due date. Your facial features may enlarge especially the nose. Some women look ravishingly beautiful and some “ah….yawk” but it cannot be explained even medically. There are myths that if you are expecting a baby boy, you will look beautiful and ugly if it is a girl?  
Your stomach bulges as pregnancy progresses

  •  Hair breakage occurs in 90% of pregnant women hence the use of hair extensions like weavons are better than braiding with extensions. Simple weavings will reduce the time for sitting in plaiting your hair. Long sitting for braiding could lead to severe waist pain and water retention at the feet (swollen feet). You can put your feet elevated on a pillow to reduce the feet swellings. Also avoid standing for long hours.You can easily pour water on your head when wearing a simple weaving during a hot day! 
  • Severe waist pain on and off. It is more present when the pregnancy is advanced due to the increased weight of your bulging uterus.Never be tempted to do self-medication for waist pain,stay clear of pain killers especially Ibuprofen.(more details further) 
  • Excessive hungers especially as you wake in the morning! So always have something at hand like bread, biscuit, tea, noodles etc. if you have to go to the office, make sure you have your food taken along so that you avoid buying public foods. These foods may not be hygienically prepared and likewise dangerous to your health. Be observant who you accept foods from too. 
  • The urge to throw saliva often but with the help of chewing bubble gum, the urge reduces. 
  • Breast heaviness and tenderness should not bother you, this shows your breasts are preparing for breast feeding. Ensure you begin to express it as from seven months. (Further explanation later). 
  • Sex may irritate you and appear tedious. This vary from person to person, some women have high libidos when pregnant and enjoy sex often.  
  • The chances of getting common pregnancy infections like candidiasis. Your immunity is compromised in pregnancy that even a slight cold weather can give you severe flu symptoms. Ensure you dry yourself after each urination, use water, and then tissue to dry up. In case of a foul smell or unusual vaginal discharge, go for medical check even if it is not your antenatal date for test and treatment early. 
  • Strange food cravings do not happen for most women. They just crave for their usual foods but have a stronger appetite for it but crave for things like sand, led in pencil is not ruled out completely. Please you do not indulge in anything that is not for human consumption. 
  • Vaginal examinations may be carried out by your doctor during the course of pregnancy and especially as you are being monitored when labor is on. V.E as it is abbreviated involves the placing of fingers into your vaginal which could be embarrassing as a first time mother. It may be painful so you could fold up your legs and thus it becomes relaxing. It is worthy to note that after a VE especially when labor is not evident, you will see mucus mixed with slight blood either brown or Red color. This is a mimic of actual labor sign known as “show”.

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  • Rapid weight gain especially as your stomach bulges bigger and this will alter your wardrobe. You do not have to be embarrassed but proud! You may have to do some clothe shopping for yourself but not much clothing as it is just for some months.You can buy some towards the end of pregnancy that can enable you breast feed without struggle like dresses with buttons or zippers around the breast. 
  • Sometimes you have a taste in your mouth like blood. It is nothing to worry about, just active blood vessels. Do maintain a good dental hygiene by brushing with a soft brush twice a day to avoid infections that can cause unbearable pain. Some women usually have to extract a tooth during pregnancy; some undergo pain from the growth of their last teeth. 
  • You will find yourself taking lot of naps which can occur at the early stage or later. Such naps could be embarrassing for a working class expectant mother. Try to be active to wade off sleep when you need to work. These sleeps will be missed when your baby is born so make the most of it now. 
  • You will experience heart burn on and off especially as your stomach bulges bigger due to the pressure on your rib cage. Most times you may experience serious flatulence with heart burns simultaneously. So do not be upset when you find yourself often farting or passing gas! be continued...

Gorgeous worthymama,stay connected for the continuation of this series,meanwhile,do leave your comment or question below.Thank you and stay tuned!

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