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How to Rejuvenate a Damaged Skin due to Bleaching

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We all know that natural beauty is the ultimate because the creator is perfect in his creativity.A person's skin colour is one of the body feature that is first noticed and alot of persons of colour,are usually not pleased with their skin colour.I refer to such persons as having The Photocopy Syndrome;a disease of the mind we Nigerians refer to as "copy copy"!Are you ashamed of how your face look like when you see your reflection in the mirror and regret your action?Put your mind to rest as help has come!
I have tried to fathom why a sane person with a dark skin would result to absurd solutions to make his or her skin lighter.The manufacturers of skin lightening products are just being enriched to the detriment of the end user,who is usually not aware of the damaging effect of these products.In my opinion,I believe the mirage life displayed on the media tempt people to "think" having a lighter skin is the ultimate and most beautiful.

Well,this post is not about the dangers of patronizing and using skin bleaching products but to promote a natural remedy of which requires no spar treatment.You can do it in the comfort of your home,starting from the kitchen where most of the ingredients needed are usually found! 

The ingredients you need to prepare this rejuvenating home remedy for damaged skin are:Fresh Cucumber,Egg White, Green Tea,Rose water, 100% Coconut oil, and Tons of PATIENCE. 

 Fresh Cucumber should serve as your daily snack for faster results
This remedy should produce lasting results if you follow it faithfully like when you were using the bleaching products!Practice it for 30 days but do so patiently and you will see the results that you want which should spur you to inculcate it as part of your lifestyle.All you need to do is: 
  • As you wake up first thing in the morning,take a warm cup of green tea on an empty stomach.It is very rich in antioxidants which gets rids of free radicals in the skin.It is also an effective anti aging solution and detoxifies the skin inside out! 
  • Your intake of clean water should increase to properly hydrate your skin. 
  • Before taking your bath each day or at least 4 times a week,apply egg white on your face and leave it for15-20 minutes,then wash off with warm water.The egg white is a natural face mask that firms the skin which must have sagged due to the effect of the bleaching products you use.
  • Chew a full cucumber everyday and cap it up with plenty of water.You can eat it as brunch and eat it alone.Cucumber is an undisputed skin beauty regime ingredient that is anti aging therefore it will enhance the growth of new skin cells.Also you can apply cucumber juice on your skin before applying any other thing like body lotion or make-up.Pay more attention to your face and neck which is the most visible part of the body when dressed up. 
  • You can apply rose water on your face every night before sleeping at night.The product I can vouch for is Boots Rose water and Glycerine which is readily available in cosmetic shops but beware of imitation.You can also mix the rose water with the coconut oil  or Shea butter  and see how you will become the envy of light skinned people!
Practice they say, makes perfect,following this regime is not enough to give you the desired result.You need alot of patience and that is why I mentioned earlier that it will be best if you adopt it as a lifestyle then you will not burden yourself always to check in the mirror to see if there is improvement.It is worthy to note that it will be wise if you research by reading more on the listed ingredients,to get a full grasps of their contents and how the relate to skin rejuvenation. Fingers crossed,I will be waiting patiently to read your comment on how this remedy turned out for you.Best wishes and no compromise.*wink wink*

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