Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to Prepare Porridge Beans to avoid Flatulence

The sight of the above wonderful food-BEANS scares some persons!why?one may ask,for some the sight or thought reminds them of the discomfort associated with heart burn or most annoying-Flatulence!Ah,why miss out on this vitamin rich food?well,read on, let us put your mind to rest and fear no more!
The type of vitamins you find in this legume crop is excellent for children especially.Children needs this vitamins to grow healthy and strong! The nutritional value of beans cannot be overemphasized as it is a good source of folate,Iron, magnesium,Phosphorous, Vitamin B1, etc so never shy away from this healthy food.

The only thing to do when you want to prepare porridge beans is to, par boil the beans slightly after picking the debris.Just wash and decant the water you use to boil the beans.That is all you need to do, then proceed to the remaining step to prepare the complete meal.You can send me a mail if you are curious about how i prepare my porridge beans.*wink*

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