Friday, May 1, 2015

Healthy Smoothie:Mango,Avocadoa and Coconut Milk

Creamy Yummy Healthy Smoothie
Our dearest readers,the above photo look so appetizing right?Aha,i imagine you salivating at the creamy looking texture of this smoothie and i am also confident you will definitely try it after reading the recipe!so read on....
In Nigeria,the three major ingredients of this smoothie, are fruits readily available for sale except mango which is a seasonal fruit in most parts of the country.Mango and Avocado as two of the major ingredient are rich in lots of vitamins and fiber which aids proper digestion,with Avocado being a proven skin/hair beauty regime etc Coconut is also rich in vitamins and fiber hence the combination of these three ingredients truly guarantees a healthy drink to snack on!

I have observed that a lot of persons ignore the Avocado fruit maybe due to its almost blank taste and i have even seen people who have the tree growing in their premises,allow this fruit to waste! But if you are one of such ignorant persons, then reading this article will spur you to love and enjoy Avocado.Now here below are the ingredients to get us started on this healthy smoothie..


-1 mature medium Coconut.
-1 medium ripe Avocado.
-1 big ripe Mango.
-a sweetner or sugar.

Method of Preparation

*Break the coconut and remove the flesh from the shell.Grate or cut them into pieces,then pour into a blender and blend thoroughly.Pour the blended coconut into a sieve and strain well to get enough milk.Cover the milk and set aside.

*Slice the Mango and Avocado,use a teaspoon to scoop the flesh of both fruits into a saucer or bowl, preparatory for blending (see photo above).

*Pour the scooped Mango and Avocado fruit into the cup of the blender,then pour the coconut milk gradually too depending on how thick you want your smoothie to be.Blend all ingredients together smoothly.

*Pour your blended smoothie into a bowl, and add a sweetener as desired or refridgerate without any sweetener.

There you have your Healthy Mongo,Avocado and Coconut milk smoothie!Yummy right?

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