Friday, May 29, 2015

Children should be Proud of their Cultural Heritage

(c) worthymama:Top Class Montessori Schools,Calabar,Pupils in Effik Attire

It was a rich display of some of Nigeria's cultural heritage at this year's Children's Day Celebration in the country and the Pupils and staff of Top-Class Montesoori school,Calabar were not left out.
Speaking at the cultural day celebration to mark the children's day,the Proprietor of the school,Mrs. Juliet Bassey expressed appreciation to the pupils and parents for imbibing the spirit of patriotism to display Nigeria's cultural heritage.

Mrs. Bassey said parents should encourage and teach their children about their origin so that their national identity would not be lost in the future.

She urged the children to be proud to speak their mother tongue,eat indigenous foods,practice the traditions of their people especially in this era of the importation of foreign cultures globally.

The occasion featured a competition of cultural display in fashion parade,drama and dance with the Effik tribe winning the contest followed by the fulani/hausa tribe and Igbo tribe respectively.


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