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Beware of Accidents!

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“Mummy, accident, accident” were the only words my 3 year old son was shouting repeatedly as he ran towards me from the room.Hu? was what came out of my mouth, it appeared hilarious at first, hearing this from such a little boy because I wondered if he knew the meaning of the word “accident” but when I lifted him from the ground to comfort him, I saw the blood!

Gush, he was hurt and it wasn’t hilarious any more. I checked to see which part of his body the blood was coming out from, it was his buttock with what looked like a deep cut so I quickly carried him out of the house to a nearby hospital.

Thank God, it was not as deep as it appeared the first time, according to the nurse who attended to him. Later in the evening, different thoughts clouded my mind as I watched him asleep restless due to the pain. I cast my mind back to the events prior to the accident, I recall I had seen him trying to stand  on a tuber of yam in the food pantry, although I cautioned him verbally, to quit playing with the yam let alone leave the pantry. Ah, you know how kids are, he ignored my warning and continued with his new found “skating object” and not less than 5 minutes later was when I heard him shouting “accident, accident”. Hmm , that was careless of me, I wished I had taken him out of the place even if it was forcefully and we would not be going through this pain!

This story is just to share how important it is to toll the line of prevention at all cost when it comes to accidents especially those that occur at home. Most home accidents are preventable if only we would pay more attention to the causes of such especially when you have growing children. My mother would say, “children will be children, anytime, any day, danger to them is just like a lifeless toy that cannot interact with them”. She also says an adage “it is where a child goes to play, that is the same place he/shes cries to his mother from”. O lord have mercy and protect our children! Even the bible says in Proverbs 22:15 that “foolishness is bound in the heart of a child but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him!”Please, that does not mean you should use a rod to flog your child!(laughs)just kidding, this scripture is to emphasize discipline to control foolishness which is bound in their heart, such innocent foolishness, even to the extent of believing a tuber of yam is like a skating board! Come to think of it, I have not asked him if he thought tuber of yam could be used as a play thing aside from being eating (his favorite food)

    When it comes to safe guarding your child, his or her safety should take priority no matter how interesting your favorite Telemundo soap is on or your facebook status update is. Like the say, life has no duplicate and prevention is better than cure, I have learnt my lesson, even if it’s a blog post I’m working on, safety comes first. Now here is a highlight of some safety tips that may be a life saver to you or someone through you. Let’s forget common sense now because sometimes it is not common.
  • Do not allow your child run in the bathroom especially after excessive contact with water. Always ensure the bathroom floor is always dry to prevent anyone from slipping which could be fatal.
  • Always supervise brushing time and control unnecessary movement while brushing the teeth. There was a teenager who had to undergo emergency surgery because he swallowed a whole tooth brush as he slipped while moving, talking and brushing his teeth at the same time! Keep an eye on how your child brushes to avoid unnecessary swallowing of toothpaste which is harmful to health. 
  • Watch out for children running and bumping into you while carrying hot liquids from one room to another. Kids like to play “hide and seek” and they may be seeking when you are passing with a hot liquid. Most times my kids like to hide behind the curtain so I call out to them to know their location in the house before I alert them I’m carrying something hot. 
  • Never allow your young child to enter the bath tub without adult supervision. Cases of adults slipping in the bath tub are no news today hence for a child it will be more fatal. 
  • Control their entry into the kitchen and restrict them from touching cooking gas cylinder or other kitchen gadgets. 
  • When carrying and moving with objects with sharp pointed ends such as scissors, knife etc, do not face the sharp end forward, ensure you hold it in such a way that it is facing you and not put yourself in harm’s way too.
  • All electric cables should be well insulated to avoid shock. 
  • Caution your child not to hold sharp objects such as pencils, sticks etc and run around. He or she could trip and get pierced or at the same time, bump into a sibling or anyone around.
  • It is an indisputable fact that children learn from observation hence do not clean your ear with a cotton bud in the presence of your child likewise cutting your nails with a blade and any other activity that may build their curiosity to attempt it.
  • Keep ALL medicines even those that have mild effect,far,far,far,far away from your child!I had to emphasize the "far" because I have been through the trauma of the almost fatal outcome of my first son's accidental ingestion of a drug.hmm,another careless act of mummy right?I care for you that is why i am sharing my experience so you should avoid such carelessness!  
  • Children should not have unnecessary access to stored water. There was a tragic situation that occurred where a toddler accidentally tumbled into a pail of water with his head face down inside the pail. Unfortunately, he was not discovered in time and he drowned, leading to his death! This happened in a home so be on guard especially when your baby is crawling. 
  • Never take for granted the instruction on polythene bags, to be kept away from babies to avoid choking. 
  • Do not leave shoes lying around your home carelsessly, it is a danger to those little feet of your kid. Shoes could easily tangle his or her feet resulting to a fall which could be fatal.Also,do not ignore a chair with the legs pointing up as your little one could easily trip over it,hitting the chest on it.
  • Make sure there is a burglary protection installed on the stairways if you have a crawling baby. 
  •  Do not condone stuffing of the mouth with small parts of toys. That is why it is usually written on toy boxes to watch out for such a situation.
  • When walking with your child on the street, ensure he or she is not at the rear of the walk way and when crossing, hold unto their hands tenaciously even if an insect is stinging you at that moment! There was a tragic incident where a woman crossing with four children,left the hand of the youngest to adjust her dress falling from her waist.The child just left his mother unto the busy road and he got hit by a car!really sad. 
  •  Keep your baby behind inside the car no matter what. The instruction that reads “children less than 12 years old should not be allowed in front seat” should be adhered to strictly because in the case of an accident or sudden halt of the car, a younger child’s height is below the air bag, hence he or she can easily suffocate. I do not need to tell you that allowing a younger kid in a car front seat is against driving law of which you could be penalized for negligence! Which parent needs such a punishment? 
  • This final tips concerns the entire family but it starts with you the parent especially mummy. Before using your kitchen utensils first in the mornings especially, rinse them as you can never tell if any insect has crawl over it at night which is the time insects are usually very active such as cockroaches. These insects could leave their excreta on the utensil which could be deadly. There was an incident which gives me the chills till date where a mother was not aware a millipede had crawled into her kettle. She boiled water in it and made tea for the family and that led to the entire family’s death!
Well, well, so many tips right? These tips do not only apply to kids but also to adults even though they are expected to understand danger better as one cannot tell which accident could end up fatal. Ignoring such tips is like wearing socks and walking on an oily floor, you will not take a step before you find yourself on the ground! Please do not wait like me as I hate to see the ugly scar on my son's “bum bum” because I did not insist he ended his dangerous play. You can start now by setting the rules first and with reinforcement by rewarding good behavior, I tell you it works! You can tell them stuff like “if you are done using your pencil, do not hold it and run because you could hurt yourself and others so be good then I will give you a surprise!”(giggling)

Can you tell us other safety tips you know about especially for our lovely kids? Don’t forget to share this post because you can never tell it might be a life saver. Thank you for reading!

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