Saturday, May 30, 2015

Beware of Accident (2)

May her soul rest in peace.
Its another weekend Mummies,washing dirty laundry,preparing and planning family meals ahead of next week,ensuring the kids do their school assignment,going to the market to buy groceries etc.Well in the midst of your hectic schedule,pause a little and read the second part of our article Beware of Accidents! and we do hope you learn something valuable.Now,here is another life saving discussion to safe guard you and your family.
When I first received the above photograph,before I could finish downloading it,i could see part of it and I was already horrified at such a gory picture!Even as I type this article,I tried to controlled myself from crying as I saw how young she was.I do not know what to say about this incident;is this foolishness or carelessness? I ask this is with all due respect to the deceased,why would she plug her phone to charge and place it on her body to sleep?could it be a sabotage or her making?was she sleeping in an environment where phones were stolen easily?Perphaps she needed the warmth of the phone on her body?All these questions beats my imagination and I cannot fathom why she did this?

Well,this is not about blaming anyone but to add to your knowledge of technological accidents!Alot of people are usually a "Doubting Thomas" when they are told about certain fatal consequences of carelessly handling some of these gadgets.Even a blind person after touching a phone or computer would be weary of the dangers they pose if handled carelessly.You must have read or heard about some common technological accidents such as:
  • Do not answer a call while your phone is charging.
  • Keep your phone or laptops away from your sleep station especially in a lighting prone environment.
  • Do not use a wet hand to attend to a phone plugged for charging.
  • Answer your calls preferably with the left ear.
  • Do not answer your call when the battery is very low.
  • Discard at the first sign of phone or laptop battery swelling.
  • Do not use your phone torch light to see while you pour petrol in a generator set.
  • Do not answer your phone or use computer during a thunder lightning.
So many "Do not"but what we on worthymama would like to know from you is,have you witnessed accidents relating to careless handling of technological gadgets? Why these rules?Please,do keep your comment coming,you might save someone's life from this.Do have a lovely weekend ahead!

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