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I'm Pregnant!(Part 1)

“Ah, is this what it feels to be pregnant? “Hey, I did not bargain for this”
 “When will I be myself again? “ “But 9 months is still far” “oh, I feel so
Uncomfortable” “am I sure I will not want to have more children after so much Discomfort, my mama you are strong o”
These and more statements are usually what a Naija first time mother would say.

Some first time mothers have a mixed feeling of happiness and confusion, which is typical of the emotions when pregnancy is first discovered. After, the news of being pregnant, what is next? There are certain information your doctor or nurses or even your mama, may not tell you due to time factor as well as other circumstances. This article is not a final authority on pregnancy/child birth but general experience peculiar to the Nigerian society.
This is pregnancy made comfortable, just like chatting with a home girl! You definitely still need a good medical resource material such as books like Every Woman or peer reviewed medical materials on the internet. You will do yourself a lot of good when you are well informed on your health especially as a woman at the child bearing age. Please do not be tempted to display knowledge monopoly to your doctor. Although he or she is more versed in reproductive health, it is wise to be knowledgeable to an extent so that issues of over dosing, wrong prescription or your right to appropriate health services is not jeopardized.Do double check any information which you need confirmation on, from other credible sources.
Spiritual Essence

     Your spiritual and emotional essence is greatly challenged at this point of your life. You are like a fragile vacuum, carrying the most beautiful, pure and delicate being, your UNBORN BABY! This is a whole human entity you are carrying hence your spiritual life becomes porous. Have you ever wondered when you hear stories of ritualist demanding for premature babies, placenta or a new born baby to perform rituals? Such rituals includes, exchanging a baby’s "star"(destiny), exchanging a baby’s life span for an older person’s etc. they make use of babies because it is the most pure form of life that is most potent for rituals!hmn, you are saying now, but this is not to scare you or make you apprehensive unnecessarily. This is to draw your attention that motherhood is a privilege and a divine blessing so you have to beef up your spiritual edge while pregnant and after delivery. You should be concerned when you see a mother who is not spiritually inclined at all. It is most common for mothers to have interest in godly issues, even if they are not spiritually active. 
    There is this natural maternal spiritual covering she wants for her children, that is why every child usually yearns for their mother’s blessings. It is physically and spiritually draining as a pregnant woman because of active pregnancy hormones hence fasting may not be possible. Ah,I do not need to tell you how hunger for a pregnant woman is, especially as you wake up in the morning! So what is your take now to boost your spiritual cover?:
    -Mind who is aware of your pregnancy especially extended family members except when they see you at an advanced stage(i can see you rolling your eyes saying"Naija people una too dey unnecessarily spiritual about everything"!). Apart from the father of the baby, your mother should be your next confidant. The father of the baby planted the seed first and your mother has a spiritual right cover over you.  

    -Make sure you pray first thing in the morning because hunger will distract you. Quote scriptures concerning your condition (pregnancy is a condition, not a sickness), thank God for the privilege. Speak to your unborn baby, make declarations such as :I love you and I am eager to see your face” “the blessings of God added no sorrow and so you shall not bring sorrow to your family” “you shall live long to fulfill God’s destiny for your life” “you shall be the head, and not the tail in your life endeavor” you know all the Godly inspiring thoughts for your child, sometimes such spiritual intimacy with your unborn gives you a revelation of the baby’s name!(give positive godly names)
   -You may become emotionally sensitive to issues that would not have bothered you prior to being pregnant.You may become sensitive to noise and bad odor hence you want to be alone! There are times even a simple mathematical calculation may appear tasking. You may even feel lonely at times, as if your spouse does not understand your condition. When you feel emotionally down, you can decide to take a walk and it is best with your spouse so that you can chat about whatever you may see along the way. There are other suggestions from books or online on dealing with pregnancy induced depression.

     Body Discomfort
This is the physical aspect of pregnancy that the expectant mother may not necessarily have control over. Most women at first find it challenging to accept the physical changes their bodies have to undergo. These changes differ from person to person and all pregnancies cannot have the same physical changes even with the same mother. The first thing to have in mind is to accept that you may not feel well all the time, till after delivery. However, it is important to tell your doctor if you have concerns about any physical changes. Reading of books or internet materials on stage by stage of 
pregnancy, will give you ideas on what to expect. Therefore, you become aware of what is normal and what is abnormal at the various stages. Some of the most common body discomforts are thus:  -   
 -Nausea at the smell or the taste of certain food which can lead to vomiting either at the early stage or at a later stage or no vomit at all. Usually, the first sign a new mother has of pregnancy is vomiting for no just cause even when she misses her menstrual period. You can minimize your contact with a particular food that triggers nausea for you, and also by chewing bubble gums like orbit or tom tom. They can help to control vomit including foods with sour and sharp tastes like udara.
 -Lack of appetite at the first 3 months is quite common, hence snacks like salty crackers, weak tea (only milo or bournvita, less milk or none at all) could be ideal.You can experiment with other foods to know which ones you are comfortable with.You might lose weight drastically at this stage thereby making you look pale physically. Try to put on some make up to brighten your look.............continued here I'M Pregnant (Part 2)
Please, stay connected to continue this intriguing series on Pregnancy information made easy.Kindly drop your comment or questions.Thank you.


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