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Tips on Choosing a School for your Child

Juliet Bassey in action with her Pupils

Great parents especially our dear mothers, if your little baby is  now old enough to start school, then this article will be of great benefit to you as I want to share on some factors to consider when selecting a school for your child/ward. I had an interview session with an educationist with over 20
years of experience, Juliet Bassey (seasoned educationist with up to 25 years experience as a school administrator,a Certified Montessori and Cambridge Teacher). She gave me an insight and inspiration to write this post.

I have observed that about 80% of parents with children of elementary school age are ignorant of the basic knowledge needed to consider when selecting schools for their children. This is in terms of upholding the quality of their children’s education in this era of sham most schools (private schools especially) propagates as formal education at exorbitant costs! I guess most parents reading this may say “money is not an issue when it comes to my children’s education”, this is alright but do they take into consideration other important factors at the foundational stage of their children’s education? I have observed that a lot of parents enroll their child/ward in schools without doing a research on a school such as the background, experience and capability of the management, caliber of teachers, available facilities, and other parent’s opinions/experiences. 

This is usually a controversial factor as some parent’s opinion may not be credible either due to their conditioned view about the school or overrated opinion about the school. In essence, most parents choose a school because other parents recommended it as having a good standard of education or at most times because it is a school with a population of kids in their social class. Some parents cannot afford the fees of a particular school but they will enroll their child/ward just to agree with other parent’s opinion and this is to the detriment of their child/ward academic stability. Their kids may have to be away from school at certain times when they are denied access to their school due to non payment of fees which may be paid later from borrowing. 

It is my advice to parents who want to enroll their children in any school especially at the elementary stage, to do a research first even at the shortest time. Also, the research should be done with discretion as some school owners may find an intending parent as “too nosy for comfort” when they are being asked to give information for enrollment. Most proprietors may not be honest and will conceal their short comings in order to entice the new enrolling parents. Now, here is a highlight of some the factors to consider when enrolling a child/ward for elementary school:

  • Service Costs: the popular adage “cut your coat according to size” should be a parent’s watch word when selecting a school for your child/ward. Choose a school according to your available income but note that it is not all about enrolling for the cheapest; the fees should also tally with the standard of education you desire. It is an embarrassing situation when your child/ward is denied access to their school due to non payment of fees, so save your family from embarrassment by cutting your coat according to their size. 
  • Proximity: The issue of proximity will help to minimize fuel cost if you have a personal car and likewise transportation cost if you use public transportation. Another benefit of choosing a school close to your home is to avoid long trips to school which usually makes the baby sleepy hence he/she may not be alert for lessons. Besides, it will take a shorter time to pick your child after school as no kid wants to be left behind longer after school hours. It is wise to enroll your child in a school that is either close to your home or office for quick access thereby making your day and your child’s less stressful........continued  here Tips for Choosing A School for your Child (2)
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