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The Wonders of Weight Loss (Part 1)

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I can imagine the the first thoughts that MAY come to your mind at the sight of this photograph above, maybe a typical Naija exclamation such as:CHAI!!!,IRO O,AHUZU BILAHI,OWOICHO ADAH,CHINEKE,NA PERSON BE DIS?

Are you mad at yourself for being so "FAT" no matter the control of food,rest and exercise you have gone through?have you lost weight and gained it all back and even more?are you quick to judge
people who are over weight by referring to them as "LAZY"?or perhaps, you are just curious about what weight loss and maintenance entails?NOW....do not get distracted on no condition as i take you into the world of the facts and myths of weight loss! so read on......

Achieving and maintaining a realistic weight for every human is primarily for healthy living. Though, losing weight in contemporary time is reckoned with the vogue of "slimming to fashion". The popular adage "your health is your wealth" is understood by many persons as health belonging to the wealthy.
Ironically, most financially buoyant people MAY not be healthy due to their ability to easily acquire flamboyant and unhealthy lifestyles,(In Nigeria, social class is reckoned with, when parents feed their children with a lot of expensive and unhealthy eatery foods like meat pie, ice cream, burger etc. Also young girls bragging about patronizing such places at the expense of their “big boys” or “big men” companions) in essence, health does not discriminate social status!

A good number of  the men folk associate weight loss to the women folk only and this is because they perceive it as a fashion trend and not for health purposes. The men folk should understand that keeping fit is their responsibility to their family especially as women are also conscious of  how their ideal man should look (a protruding belly of a man is a worst sight  than that of a woman). There are certain facts that need to be identified first for proper understanding on the issue of weight loss and management. Do you know that there are good and bad cholesterol? The bad ones are those that show as flabby biceps, protruding stomach and “chunky” waist lines etc. Do you also know that too much of cholesterol block arteries which stops blood from circulating,thus over working the heart and the next thing a situation called Cardiac Arrest arises?

The first step is to address the WHY and HOW you gained the weight you intend to lose by providing answers to the following questions thus:
•    Did your body undergo any change like pregnancy or child birth, puberty, surgery?
•    Any recent or long term strain in your relationship with your family or friends?
•    A change in profession or geographical location?
•    Do you have an eating disorder like a strong urge to consume sweet foods or have food allergies?
•    Is your diet mostly fat susceptible meals?
•    Are you stressed up that your immunity and sugar level are low?

The second step is your reason to lose weight;

•    For fashion sake or achieving good health?
•    To impress a second party?
•    Societal pressure due to your profession or status?

The third step is biological and physiological factors;

•    Genetic make-up…your resemblance in your family.
•    Time of having your meals.
•     Content of diet.
•    Knowledge of natural food benefits.

The short and long of achieving the weight loss you desire is a gradual process that becomes part of you as long as you understand the wonderful benefits of a healthy lifestyle such as healthy eating and adequate exercise.
Your daily routine should score above 5 of the following tips:
..................................to be continued

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