Saturday, December 20, 2014

House Help Saga

Each time i watch this video, i cannot help but to cringe in disgust and in maternal anguish.What manner of wickedness is this?Although this is not the first time i have seen such a video, i still
ask myself and you;what could have happened in the life of this Jolly (her name, she is from Uganda) maid of a girl that she has no sense of sympathy even to a baby?Does she knows what goes around, comes around?does she have younger ones?or is it that she does not plan to be a mother some day?

Oh the world of having a house help is so complicated and controversial that one wonders if some of these helps are even human?
The essence of sharing this video that went viral a month ago is to open the eyes of my fellow mamas on how to go about the issue of employing domestic staff to care for our kids.Should we maltreat them or treat them well?

what are your thoughts,do leave a comment and i will be glad to reckon with you.

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