Saturday, November 8, 2014

Irish Potatoes Pudding (Baby Weaning Food)

There comes that time when every nursing mother have to deal with food rejection from their weaning baby. Weaning a baby from breast milk to solid food is a time for experimenting with food and a twist of frustration as a mother cannot predict which solid food her baby
will readily accept. I have observed that exclusive breastfed babies find it more difficult to transit from breast milk to solid food than babies who were not exclusively breast fed. Babies have a more sensitive taste bud than adults and since their young brain cannot process the complexity of the various tastes of foods, a mother has to be very patient at this growing age of weaning. She has to be observant of her baby’s verbal and non-verbal cues when introducing foods other than breast milk or animal baby milk. I have also observed that weaning babies prefer any food that has similar taste like breast milk, that is; food with the perfect balance of ingredients, foods with lasting impressions like Nigerian Pap (ogi,akamu) which has a tolerable sour taste and it does not require chewing even if the baby has teeth! A weaning baby with teeth do not have the patience to chew and swallow food, pap or custard is a weaning food readily acceptable likewise any other food in form of a pudding or puree.

Well, my Irish Potatoes pudding may appear familiar to most mothers as a regular food but not as a weaning food. It is a very simple pudding that requires the right amount of ingredients in order to achieve a balanced and acceptable taste for the baby. This is because if any of the ingredients surpasses the rest, it could present an unpleasant taste on the baby’s tender tongue thereby putting the baby off!

-1 big size or 2 small size Irish Potatoes.
-1 big size Egg.
-1 ½ teaspoon of butter.
-A pinch of salt.

-Peel, dice and wash the Irish potatoes. Place a pot of water on the fire. The water should be enough to cook the potatoes soft to turn into a puree. Pour the Irish potatoes into the pot when the water is slightly hot, add the salt and taste if it is enough and then cover the pot.
-Boil the egg to cook properly in a separate pot.
-When the potatoes are very soft, scoop it all out of the pot into a deep plate. Carefully peel the cooked egg, remove the yolk only and add it to the potatoes by breaking it into small bits. Use either a wooden spatula or spoon to mix it together.
-You can now add the butter bit by bit into the potatoes and egg yolk pudding. Mix it together thoroughly and taste if the salt is balanced. There you have your baby’s Irish Potatoes pudding.
-Ensure you feed your baby when it is warm but not completely cold.

 Learn to be patient with your little one and be creative in making feeding time interesting either by singing a motivating rhyme, or by putting some in your mouth so that your baby will see that it is a usual food loved by mummy also!

So what is your take on this simple time saver baby food? Your comment is very important to me, do keep it coming. Thank you!


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  2. Can we make potato pudding without an egg?

  3. Hi Tazzy's corner.Yes you can make potatoe pudding without egg however the egg yolk gives the pudding a yummy taste most babies can't resist except those who are allergic to egg.thanks for your comment

  4. My baby is 4 months old and we just introduced solid, want to give him Irish potatoes and coming across this simple style is unique so I will do it this way.

    1. Way to go Melvin,your baby will definitely enjoy it as the texture is similar to baby cereal on the tongue.Thanks for stopping by.You can share it with others in similar situation.


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