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Homemade Yoghurt (Nigerian Soya Bean Milk)

If you are a Nigerian, you must have heard of or drank Soya Bean milk. The nutritional value of soya bean cannot be over emphasized especially for children. This is because of its high protein content, vitamins and good fats in the oil.
It can be used to make various food recipes such as Soya bean soup which can be eaten with the usual Eba or Fufu, my Homemade Cereal, Soya Bean milk, Soya bean cracker, Tofu, etc. it is a type of beans readily available in local Nigerian markets and a little quantity can produce a large amount of either milk or tofu. When processing soya bean, every aspect of the bean is useful such that even the chaff is used as livestock feed, oil can be extracted from it, and the final sieved remains is used to make cracker cakes of which I will post soon.

The method of preparation is similiar to that of Moi-Moi and Akara(local bean cakes) so be prepared to carefully follow the steps to have a satisfying result. You can decide to make it light or thick like yoghurt if it’s for kids.

The following ingredients is estimated to produce 1,200ml of Soya milk or more depending on how thick or light you prefer it.

  • About 700-900 grams of Soya Beans. 
  • Sugar according to your taste. 
  • Either a cloth sieve or net sieve like a colander. 
  • Clove or Ginger if you want a peppery taste. 
  • Any flavor either powder or liquid, I use vanilla foster Clark or Nutri-C apple flavor for my kids. 
  • Plenty of water.

Before Boiling
Irresistible Texture

*First soak the soya beans in a bowl with water just like when soaking beans to peel for Akara or moi-moi. Leave it to soak for at least 10-20 minutes, then decant the water, pour the beans into a mortar and pound it gently. You will notice the chaff coming off the beans and then you can now scoop it all out of the mortar into a deep bowl for washing. Ensure you turn the beans over as you wash and decant the water through the colander to separate the chaff from the beans. When you are done washing the peeled beans, prepare to take it to a grinding mill or use a blender that is durable to mill large quantity foods.Alternatively, you can just soak,wash and take it for proper grinding.
*When the bean is smoothly grounded, the next step is to add enough water into the beans and stir it thoroughly with your hands deep into the paste. The proper stirring of the paste is to ensure that it is void of clumps. Now you can use either your cloth sieve or net colander that is not too porous, to sieve the beans just like how raw Pap is produced. You can keep the sieved chaff to be use as livestock feed or cracker cake as I mentioned earlier. Now place the milk on the fire in a deep pot to avoid it from spilling out when boiling.
*Allow the milk to boil for 10 minutes maximum and set aside to cool completely.
My Picky Son savoring the rich taste

*When it is properly cooled, you still have to sieve it again just like the above step and likewise keep the chaff if you desire to still use it. After you have finished sieving it, you can now either add sugar, flavor or clove and drink it immediately or just keep it in a wide neat container in the refrigerator but do not cover it tightly. When its cold enough, you can now add sugar, flavor and already made yoghurt, leave it for up to 2-3hours so that the bacteria culture can impact on the taste of the milk. My children prefer the milk thick with flavor as it tastes very much like sweetened already made yoghurt!

There you have a healthy, yummy and creamy soya bean milk and I know your friends/family will keep asking for more once they taste it so beware…*wink*you be wise to make enough quantity and keep in the refrigerator especially for the children.

NOTE: Please do note that any slight compromise in the preservation condition will affect the milk due to its high level of active protein content.Although by adding ginger the freshness could be preserved longer even without refrigerating.

Please, if you have any to ask question about this recipe, do leave a comment or send an email through my contact form.

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