Tuesday, October 14, 2014

School Snacks for Kids

Plantain Balls

Most Nigerians and other nationals who know plantain,do not know that there are varieties of plantain recipes other than the usual recipe of just frying plantain accompanied with fried eggs or stew.kids love plantain alot and my plantain ball recipe promises to
increase your kids appetite likewise the entire family's.so what are you waiting for?read on to grasp my simple plantain recipe.

The following ingredients is expected to give you about 15-18 medium size plantain balls.

 -3 medium size ripe to over-ripe plantains (kids prefer the sweet taste
of over-ripe plantain compared to adults)
-Baking flour or corn flour 225 grams
-1 levelled teaspoon of baking powder (optional but advisable to get a
fluffy mixture)
-1 full teaspoon of crayfish.
- 1 big size egg.
-half teaspoon of salt.
-1 cube of seasoning.
-half of medium sized onions.
-3-4 fresh chilli bonnet pepper(atarugu/atarodo)
-11/2 litre of vegetable oil for frying.


Dice the onions into small pieces and set aside.clean the fresh pepper by removing the seeds,wash and pour into the mortar or blender.ensure the crayfish is clean by either picking out debris or wash slightly with water.all this, is to get rid of sand or stones which can affect the final outcome when eating it.you do not want to see your kid or anyone eating, showing their disgust if they find the balls stony or sandy!CryingNow add add the cleaned crayfish to the pepper and pound/blend together. it does not necessarily have to be pounded/blended smoothly.Peel the plantains,cut into chunks or pieces using a knife,then add to the mortar/blender and blend/pound properly.
Next,scoop the blended mixture into a bowl,then add the salt and seasoning cube,mix together. Break and whisk the egg then add to the mixture,mix properly.Now,add the baking powder and finally the flour.Add the flour gradually till the mixture appear a little bit thick to indicate a well coated plantain mixture which will form into balls when being fried.
The pot or frying pan should be deep so that it could contain enough oil and the balls floating as it fries. To start frying,ensure the oil is hot enough to make the balls float and taste the salt level.You can test the oil first by scooping a little of the plantain mixture with a deep spoon into the hot oil.After scooping and putting the first batch into the oil,you can reduce the heat so that the inside of the balls will be well fried.Turn the balls with a fork to ensure both sides are fried,when it turns into golden brown like my picture,it is ready so scoop the balls out from the oil into a colander (basket to drain oil)Yummy,right,it looks like bean cake(Akara) that is why some people call it plantain Akara!its best eating when warm and not too hot,you can serve with pap/custard,scrambled egg,vegetable sauce/tomatoes sauce.Bon apetite Thumbs up

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