Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nigerian Akara Made with Powder Beans

When a Chinese friend of mine visited me in Lagos and she tasted Akara and Moi-Moi for the first time,she was so enchanted by it.She kept requesting for it almost everyday but I had to explain to her that the preparation of Akara/Moi-Moi is tedious and could not be eaten everyday.

Then suddenly,I recalled an alternative method of preparing Akara that my mum taught me;Akara made with Beans Powder!

This method has helped to save my time especially when it is for breakfast or when my kids will take it to school.The first step is to prepare and store the beans powder which should not be done carelessly else the outcome of the Akara recipe will be a mess!You also need to be alert to the weather as it requires adequate sun light to dry the beans after removing the husk and washing it.This is because when the husk of the beans is not removed well,the black eye will make the fried Akara have a dark color instead of a cream to white color inside.

Another reason for the adequate sunlight is to ensure proper drying of the beans after washing,preparatory for grinding.If the washed beans is damp,it will hamper the smooth working of the blades of the grinding engine or blender which will in turn give you a powder full of clumps.

 Preparation of the Beans Powder

*Measure your desired quantity of white beans into a bowl and add some water which should just be enough to soak the entire beans. leave it to soak in the water for 5 minutes depending on the hardness of the beans, although it is advisable to leave the beans to soak in the water for 10 minutes maximum, to avoid the beans breaking into tiny bits. 

*Pour the soaked beans into a mortar and begin to pound gently by using the pestol. Wash and decant the water and the chaff of the beans just like the method used in washing beans for moi-moi. After washing the beans clean enough, spread it on a wide tray under the sun. It may take more than a day for it to dry thoroughly depending on the intensity of the sun, or it could take a day only to dry. When you have certified it is dried, you can now take it to the grinding mill to be converted into a smooth powder. It should be stored in a tightly closed plastic container to avoid any contact with moisture. Now you have your beans powder,ready to go through oil for frying!

Method of Preparation


-Powdered Beans (5 tablespoon full or any desired quantity,remember,to adjust the other
ingredients to your desired quantity of beans powder)
-1 Tablespoon of Crayfish
-1/2 leveled teaspoon of Salt
-1 seasoning cube
-4 ripe chilli bonnet pepper (atarugu,atarodo)
-1 big Egg
-1 medium bulb of onions 
-Warm Water

*Wash and blend the onions and fresh pepper but you dont have to blend it smooth so that you see and taste these ingredients as you eat it.Also blend the crayfish and set aside.
*Pour the beans powder into a deep bowl and begin to add warm water gradually to get a loose but thick paste.You can break and whisked the egg thoroughly in a seperate bowl before add it to the beans paste.Then add the blended crayfish,onions and pepper,use a wooden spoon and mix together.Next add the seasoning cube and salt then mix well.
*Pour enough vegetable oil into the frying pan and place it on the fire.Allow the oil to heat up very hot and this is the step you have to be more attentive to as the hotness of the oil will determine the rising of the Akara balls just like when using beans grounded in liquid form.Now,whisk the beans mixture as this will also aid it to rise due to the trapping of carbon dioxide from the whisking. 
*When the oil is hot enough,scoop the mixture with a deep spoon and pour gently in ball forms into the oil.Ensure that the balls do not fry too close together.Allow the balls to rise,then you can now reduce the fire so that it cooks well inside.Just keep watch on the balls as they fry,flip it from time to time to get an even colour and proper frying on both sides.You have to increase the fire again when you need to put another set of boils into the oil for frying else the balls will not rise.Scoop the properly fried Akara balls with a perforated spoon into a collander, aligned with baking sheet or newspaper to soak up excess oil.

There you have your tasty Akara made from Beans powder just like the one made fresh from liquid beans paste.Do you agree with me that this method is time saving with the same result? Gorgeous mamas,this recipe will serve as a great tasty snack for school!so why not give your child this healthy food as you do not have to spend a lot of time preparing Akara the usual way!Dont forget to tell me how your Akara turned out.Enjoy!


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    1. Thanks Delicious Sales for stopping by.Do let me know the outcome of your Akara.

  2. if one did not pill of the cover of the beans,what are the consequence,will the beans till rise when making akara

    1. Hello Folasade,my apologies for not responding to your comment earlier.When the husk (cover) is not removed before converting the beans to powder, the final outcome of the Akara will have a dark colour instead of a white to cream colour of the inner part of the Akara.For the akara to rise, just beat the dough well just like how you beat egg to trap carbondioxide which is a natural rising agent.Also add the dough to the oil when the oil is very hot even though it is not the first batch to be fried but decrease the fire once the akara rises so that the inner dough will cook well.Thanks for stopping by, do keep the comments coming as it means alot to us here.By the way you look cute in the your photo.

  3. Best recipe so far.came out perfect. Thank you


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