Saturday, October 4, 2014

Homemade Cereal

Most mothers are usually at their wit ends when it comes to selecting and preparing weaning foods for their babies. We are faced with understanding the nutritional value of these foods and also the frustration of dealing with rejection from the baby.

Taste is everything for a baby who is transiting from breast feeding to solid foods. Here is a homemade cereal suitable for weaning and is greatly accepted by most babies due to the complex yet tasty taste of the highly nutritional ingredients.
We call it Turn-brown because its appearance is enticingly brown and has a creamy texture when mixed with corn starch or pap. This healthy homemade cereal is not only suitable for weaning babies but all growing children and adults too especially those recovering from illness, so lets try it!

Note:Its best you make a small quantity first if you will be using a blender then when you have perfected it, make a larger quantity, which is to be grounded at a big grinding mill.The amount of groundnut required should not be more than the soya bean because too much groundnut will make the cereal clump together when grinding all the ingredients together.

--2  cups (220ml empty milk tin) of Soya Beans.
--1 cup of Wheat.
--1 cup of shelled Groundnut (alternatively buy a cup of roasted groundnut
from the market but note that salt is usually added to it and this will distort
the taste of the cereal which can offend your baby's taste bud)
--1 cup of Crayfish. 


*The first step for the preparation of this homemade cereal begins with cleaning the ingredients.Wash the wheat and soya bean in separate bowls,drain and spread on wide trays then keep under the sun to dry properly.Also,pick out any dirt or debris you find in the crayfish.

*Meanwhile,fry the groundnut on low heat and stir continuously to avoid it getting burnt.This is also the same way you should fry the soya bean;on low heat.This is because the low heat would ensure these ingredients do not get burnt, otherwise it will add a bitter taste to the entire cereal.
*After frying the groundnut,use your palms to rub the groundnut together to remove the husk from the seeds.Then blow the husk away to separate the seeds you need.By now the soya bean should be dried enough for frying too.
*Next, combine all the ingredients;wheat,fried soya bean and groundnut as well as the cleaned crayfish.Blend all together with your blender or take it to a commercial grinding mill which will blend it smoother than the blender.
*Now,your homemade cereal is ready to be added to custard or pap.Alternatively,just scoop some cereal into a cup,add warm to hot water,add sugar and even dry milk,then stir properly and feed your baby!Yummy,right?You can make it thick and the thickness is guaranteed with the presence of wheat which is super rich in fibre and vitamin A.

Dear worthymama,note that your baby's "poop" might have a stronger smell but not to worry,it is just due to the high protein content of this healthy cereal(laughs)but you have to bear the smell and embrace the overriding benefit rather than baby's "poop" smell!
Well,caring mummy,you can also drink it too as it is good for adults especially those recovering from illness.
So,how did you and your family enjoy this home made cereal especially your little one?

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