Thursday, October 30, 2014

Homemade Fresh Bread


Do you sometimes wonder what it takes to make fresh homemade bread?Would you prefer to keep buying bread only to be disappointed at its short shelf life  or will it not be more rewarding to have fresh bread available for your family always?
I bet you will not want to buy bread when you try my simple bread recipe!This bread could also serve as a snack made into a burger or sandwich especially for kids school or outing read on....


To make 11 medium size burger shape bread, you will need:

-900 grams of all purpose flour.
-6-10 teaspoons of sugar.
-1 1/2 teaspoons of salt.
-6-7 teaspoons of dry yeast.
-about 330 ml-440 ml of warm water.
-2 tablespoon of butter/margarine/oil.
-1 tin of 220 ml of milk (optional)
-1 egg or a 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil for coating.

-You do not need to worry if you do not have an electric mixer like me *wink*First,measure about 220ml milk tin of flour out of the 900g of the total flour and set aside.Next,mix the remaining flour,sugar,yeast and salt together in a dry bowl.After mixing properly all the dry ingredients,begin to add the warm water gradually to get a smooth and soft dough.

-You can add the tin milk if you are using it but note that the liquid milk should be warm or mix with a less amount of the warm water needed. Ensure you do not add too much water but the dough should be soft enough to get a soft outcome,then add the butter or margarine or oil into the dough and mix thoroughly.Now at this stage,the dough may be sticky to your palms,then begin to add the remaining flour you measured earlier till you get a soft but non-sticky dough.Place the dough on a slightly floured flat surface and begin to knead for about 2 minutes to get a stretchy dough,and finally form it into a ball.Leave it to rest on the surface or board for 10 minutes.

-Meanwhile, rub vegetable oil or margarine sparingly inside your baking tray and set aside.Now heat up the oven by regulating the control nob to a high degree between 200-350 degrees. This high heat  will kick start the rising ability of the dough. After 10 minutes, the dough should have risen due to the yeast,then use your palm to cut out a medium size ball of the dough.Mold it into balls and begin to place each ball one after the other in the baking tray.Each ball should be aligned close to each other to come out co-joined.

-Now break and whisked the egg needed for the coating of the dough.The coating will make the bread turn out golden to brown in color just like my pictures.You can either use egg to coat or vegetable oil and the result will be the same.

-Place the coated dough into the oven and then reduce the heat so that the bread will not get burnt.The high heat when the oven was pre-heated is enough to kick start the rising so just monitor the low heat but do not be tempted to open the oven door too many times,You can monitor it through the transparent part of the oven door.Please note that homemade bread in my experience is baked at a controlled heat unlike the extreme high heat used in commercial bakery.This bread is expected to bake at an estimated time of 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes.

-Viola!check out your hot fresh bread,allow it to cool for at least 15 minutes before you begin to separate the dough to eat.Yummy right?You can preserve this bread for up to 2 weeks when packaged in a freezer zip lock bag.You can warm in microwave when you want to eat it.

Gorgeous mama,tell me your experience with this simple recipe by leaving your comments.Enjoy!

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