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10 Effective Tips on achieving and maintaining a Healthy Hair


A woman’s hair, no doubt is the crown of her glory and the condition of her hair speaks volume of her personality. Even though there is an expression that says "I am not my hair" which is an expression of adding worth to a person beyond their physical features, there is a twist to this expression when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy hair. There is no woman on this planet, be it a civilized woman or not, who does not attend to her hair first before attending to her other body features. 

The daily condition of a woman's hair in terms of styling and maintenance is SOMETIMES linked to her health status, financial status and social status. The nature and maintenance quality of a woman's hair MAY show to an extent how healthy or financially buoyant she is and the styling MAY hint a stranger about her age. I have observed that certain hair styles can either add or lessen a woman's chronological age. In essence, a woman's hair is her most priced physical feature such that no matter what she dresses in, if her hair is not properly groomed, she will appear unkempt.
Enough with the definition of the essence of hair to the women folk! Now, let me share with you my hair diary and first of all, I strongly advocate for 100% wearing natural hair be it a virgin hair or a permed hair. I try my best to maintain my natural hair as I believe it should also be the best option to all women especially black women. Most women easily become weary of wearing their natural hair often and this is due to ignorance or laziness to research about how to care for their hair type. I am not claiming a final authority on hair issues but I just want to share my experience.

My Virgin Hair some years ago

Although, it is not all women that are naturally blessed with a beautiful hair type like mine, it is what you know and do that counts. This is because I know other women especially my relatives who have the same type of my hair but do not maintain it like me. From my experience in beauty regimens (hair and skin), being natural is best because there is less risk of permanent damage. 

Here below is an outline of my check list of achieving and maintaining a healthy hair:

Nutrition; the first source of nourishment for your hair is your nutrition. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and good fat is what a lot of women do not indulge in except by chance. Such people adhere strictly to artificial beauty regimen which is usually costly compared to buying organic fruits and veggies. In essence, it is “garbage in, garbage out” hence a woman with no healthy nutrition should not expect to have a healthy hair and even skin.Examples of foods that promote healthy hair are plenty of water, fresh carrots, cabbage, cucumber (my favorite, very ideal for glowing skin too),plenty of green leaves, chicken, turkey, eggs, a lot of fish & fish oils products especially omega 3,6 & 9,soy products, beans & nuts, whole wheat foods, etc.
               Drying with Natural Air                          
            Enough under growth after 3 months

Use of Hair Products; the type and frequency you put hair products on your hair is a determining factor to the overall health of your hair and this applies to both a virgin hair and a permed hair. For a virgin hair especially, it is best to use natural oils such as coconut oil (my number one hair growing and skin glowing regimen oil), Shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil etc most hair care products usually list some of the above listed oils as its ingredients but it may be in a minute amount. 

Please, stay away from hair products containing petroleum/mineral oil because it blocks the pores of the scalp thereby preventing oxygen which is supposed to aid proper blood circulation for hair growth. The above listed oils must be in its natural form with no preservative (mineral oil) and most of these oils are readily available in our local markets especially coconut oil and Shea butter (I sell the purest coconut oil ever so contact me for purchase)It is very important that you do a good research on any natural oil you intend to try in order to have an in-depth knowledge on the properties & benefits. I will also post my articles on the benefits of some of these natural oils later, so watch out for them.

I have observed that a sizeable number of women are ignorant of the damaging effect of constant application of relaxing cream and the interchangeably use of various relaxing cream. The deal is to apply relaxer 3-5 times a year which could be spread over a 3-4 months interval depending on how fast your hair has a new growth. I apply relaxer at least 2 and half months to 4 months interval, although it is not an easy routine to follow but having a natural weave in between, not extensions (weave on) promotes a softer growth. 

My secret hair softening oil is Shea butter of which I apply it before bedtime (if you dislike the smell of Shea butter, you can rub it and massage your scalp at bedtime or buy the whiter one which is odorless but is over processed). Ensure you research on your hair type, know the brand of relaxing cream suitable for it and invest in quality brand but not neccessarily expensive ones, else you will be left with red to brown colored hair! Finally, always go to an experienced hair stylist who will be open to your suggestions, knows how to wash your hair thoroughly, applies relaxing cream on only the new growth etc

Wash and Other Care Tips;

  • Follow the instructions for every hair product especially relaxing cream. Do not exceed the stipulated amount of time to have a relaxer on your hair. Also do not retouch your hair immediately after removing extension or loosening a weave, so wait at least 2 weeks before retouching or you will get a surprise damage of your life (become a "mama Iyabo" over night) and become bald headed!
  • Always ensure that your hair is conditioned at every wash whether at the saloon or at home as it helps to lock in moisture to avoid excessive dryness. A leave–in conditioner is best especially for a virgin hair; it also makes your hair to glow its natural color.
  • You can use your fingers to de-tangle your wet hair or a comb with wide teeth as this helps to prevent breakage. Rubbing your hair vigorously with towel and combing with a smaller comb will result in serious breakage.
  • Avoid tying your hair tight with scarf regularly but you can cover it with a hair net to sleep. Too much covering of the hair will restrict oxygen for proper blood circulation and subsequent balding of which we Nigerians refer to as “mama Iyabo hair”(laughs)
  • Too tight hair styles are not healthy for the hair follicles likewise the entire body. I recall as a little girl I rarely plaited my hair after an incident where a lady made my hair too tight and this resulted to me falling very ill hence I had to cut my hair!(sighs) Tight hair styles stunts hair growth due to poor blood circulation. Also, avoid the use of tight head bands and other hair accessories for baby girls to encourage their hair to grow naturally.
  • I recommend you wash your hair every 6-7 days a week with good shampoo and conditioner either at home or at the saloon. I prefer those with green tea and bergamot herbs or rosemary as one of the ingredients because they are good antioxidants especially green tea. Appropriate washing of hair will remove excess oil which could clog the hair spores.
  •  Avoid using excessive heat either for straightening or drying your hair. There are other methods of straightening your hair and this is by low heat blow drying. You can do it at home if you have a hand hair dryer by gently drying your hair after wash with a towel, apply a natural oil (stay away from petroleum jelly although it gives the hair a straightened look) especially coconut oil, Olive oil and Shea butter are perfect hair moisturizers/conditioners, and then comb your hair downwards as you point the dryer slightly away from the scalp.
  • Weave your hair loosely before washing your hair to avoid excessive shrinkage and breakage especially if you are keeping a virgin hair.
  •  Experiment with things readily found in your kitchen to treat your hair. For example, I use egg white,honey, aloe vera plant gel, warm green tea, coconut milk, diluted lemon juice etc contact me for my complete hair treatment hair recipes*wink, wink*

Blow Dry Effect (kinky Texture)

My dear, you need a lot of patience because human hair growth is like growing babies whose growth in height may not be noticed easily except by the diminishing sizes of their clothes. Besides, the human hair grows in phases hence be proud to wear your natural hair more often, that is one of the ways you can appreciate its beauty. For a fact it is neither cheaper nor easier to maintain a natural hair especially for working class women but our tropical weather in Africa is most favorable for our hair type.

So gorgeous worthy mamas/ladies, what are your thoughts about this article? Do you like my natural kinky hair type? Dare to be different like me!*wink*


  1. Thank you worthymama for the tips.I look forward to improving my hair with these tips.You are doing a great job here,keep it up!

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